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What is UltraViolet


Your Collection at your fingertips

It's easy and convenient to access your UltraViolet Collection.

Your entire movie and TV show collection is available whenever you want. You can log into your Collection right within the websites and apps of UltraViolet-participating companies.

And with "remember me" setting, your Collection is always just a click away — whether you're going out to shop or sitting down to watch.

Disc, stream or download

A one-time purchase gives you flexibility to watch the way you want to:

  • Stream to any internet-connected device, including cable/satellite set-top boxes
  • Download for offline viewing, including full HD copies
  • Get a disc included even when you buy online - either download or streaming

How do you want to watch?

At home or on the go, UltraViolet lets you watch wherever you want:

  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Game consoles
  • Set top boxes
  • Blu-ray players
  • Internet TVs
  • Smartphones

Choose how to buy

UltraViolet is wherever you like to shop for movies or TV shows, (in-store, in-app or online) and however you like to buy them (disc, stream, file). Just look for the UltraViolet logo

Choose your brand

You can watch the titles in your UltraViolet Collection on devices from multiple brands:

  • Stream to most any internet-connected device, including cable/satellite set-top boxes
  • Download copies to any UltraViolet-logo app or device that can store and play video files

Choose your experience

Build and personalize your Ultraviolet Collection for each family or household Member:

  • Filtered collection views and personalized recommendations
  • Parental Controls to ensure a safe viewing experience for kids

No Special Equipment

You don't need any special equipment or additional technology to enjoy your UltraViolet Collection - watch on the devices you already own today!

Protect your Collection

Your online UltraViolet Collection not only offers relief from hard-drive storage limitations, it is also your insurance against technology meltdowns or lost & damaged media

Committed to the Future

UltraViolet isn't just here for today. Backed by many of the world's leading entertainment and technology companies, your UltraViolet movies & TV shows will be ready and watchable for as long as you want to watch them

To learn more about your Rights when you purchase an UltraViolet Movie or TV show, click here