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Evil Abounds

Evil Abounds

  • Von The Worshyp
  • Version 23.08.2012
  • Musikgenre Heavy Metal
  • Medienformat CD
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Q) What do you do when your drummer quits prior to entering the studio to record the follow up to your debut album? A) Simple. You hire renowned sticksman Jimmy DeGrasso (Megadeth, Alice Cooper) to fill in. The Worshyp are Canada's best kept secret. Their debut album Kingdom Earth received rave reviews worldwide, and was reviewed by myself at the end of last year. So, we come to the follow up, Evil Abounds. My thoughts after the first listen to this album are, DAMN!!!! This is by far more darker in sound to KE. The opener, Diabolic, sets the mood for what's to come. A driving rhythm section, controlled by bass player Mig and Jimmy on drums, allows Marz and Thor to let rip on guitars. Marz Nova's lyrical input is where the darker sound really comes to the fore. Evil me, I'm Diabolic! Damn right he is. Thunderman is the first release off the album, and really shows what The Worshyp is all about. For a minute i felt a hint of Metallica's fuel but no, it's actually got more fuel . Think of Marlon Brando in The Wild One, leather clad, on the run with a gun, and that is what Thunderman is all about. Well deserved as a taster for the rest of the album. Seven Deadly Sins tells the story of a vampire's love for a woman, and his desire to make her his own. The vocals have a bit of that that Dave Mustaine snarl, Which believe me, is not a bad thing. Marz really makes you feel the desperation of the beast's desire for this woman. The Graveyard is where the album takes it's dark turn, and in my opinion the best track on the album. Think of the dead rising from their graves, and dancing their deadly jig. This track also renders the only mention of Evil Abounds. Wartorn slows the momentum momentarily. On Kingdom Earth, Left For Dead told the story of a soldier being left behind after being wounded in battle. Wartorn, looks at the other side of war. A soldiers battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The chorus says it all, "Wartorn, I keep going back there, when i close my eyes". A contender for a future single release. Awaken Underworld/Destroyer of Men are the next two tracks on the album. I have reviewed these as one track, as they are featured together as a bonus track at the end of Evil Abounds. The track opens with Jimmy DeGrasso as the lone drummer, leading the troops into battle, and then it builds up to a full scale onslaught, as the war between good and evil begins. The Destroyer of Men, is the Dark Lord of Death. Love to Death follows, and shows the softer side of The Worshyp. But the don't let the title fool you, the darker sound that this album typifies is still present on this track. It tells the story of one person's dealing with their own death. Slower, more melodic, but with that dark sound, which enhances the story being told. One Crow Sorrow continues Marz's fascination with death. The crow has always been defined as the bird of death, and as the title states, One Crow Sorrow, means you will not see tomorrow. Snake Charmer shows off the amazing bass, and writing skills of Mig Diablo. 3 minutes of genius interaction between Mig and Jimmy on the only instrumental on the album. Very South American feel to this track. Final track is Villains, which i like, as it makes references to my show here on Braingell, The New World Order. It opens with a twin lead attack, and then dives straight into a killer riff. I see this track as the ideal follow up to Ganglords from Kingdom Earth. Overall, this album has all the makings of a classic. Killer riffs. Dark lyrics. By far more superior to their debut, which is not easy to do. If any A&R people are reading this review, STOP NOW AND SIGN THIS BAND. If The Worshyp do not get signed when this is released on May 8th, i will renounce my metal roots. Pitbullian rating 9/10.


Künstler: The Worshyp
Titel: Evil Abounds
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release-Datum: 23.08.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 639767793483