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Psalms (Tehillim ) 2

Psalms (Tehillim ) 2

  • Von Tor Marquis
  • Version 08.05.2012
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 16,80 €


The Book of Tehillim should be viewed as a book of national anthems of the Jewish people. David wrote many of the psalms and the music as well, all of which became a main part of the Levitical service in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. In short, the songs of faith and ethics, together with the music, caused the pilgrims to seek forgiveness through sacrifice and prayer and return to Hashem . Somewhere after the time of destruction of the Temple, the music of the Tehillim was lost as prophesized in Tehillim 137. ' There by the willows we hung our harps'. Nebuchadnezzar tried to force the Levites to play the Temple music for his idolatry, and they cut their thumbs so they couldn't play and degrade the Name of Hashem. 'Shall we sing the Song of Hashem on an alien land?.' Every jew mourns the Temple and it's service in Jerusalem. We mourn it's destruction and the reasons that caused it to happen: forgetting the Torah, idolatry, and blind hatred, to name a few. However, we must remember also the beauty of Holy Temple as well, just as a son would mourn for his mother, remembering all of her noble qualities. In mourning Jerusalem we should also remember the constant miracles that enveloped her, and the great righteous people who entered her gates. Many of these ideas are recounted in the Psalms, in a very emotional way. I have personally found that singing Tehillim are uplifting and makes me nostalgic to the time of David's Kingdom and makes me long for the Temple to be rebuilt. Our faith tells us, that when Hashem returns the Holy Temple, He will restore the service to it's original glory. May Hashem inspire the Jewish people to write many musical compositions to the heavenly words of Tehillim, to prepare a place in our hearts for Him, so that we will merit the heavenly music to be delivered to us by Elijiah the prophet and the coming of Meshiach, speedily in our days. Tor Marquis.


Künstler: Tor Marquis
Titel: Psalms (Tehillim ) 2
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 08.05.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502875157
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