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Bartender Tales

Bartender Tales

(Duplicated CD)
  • Von Tony Alderman
  • Version 19.12.2011
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Medienformat CD
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Vera, she was my favourite Aunt, she was from Dublin, spent most of her later life in Brighton. My Mums big sister, she was a good egg. I miss her still, she always had time for her nephew, who was always trying to get it together. That's me, of course. God she was funny.... So Fast, well, it is? Isn't it? You just want to hit the pause button sometimes eh? Yeah.... I Wronged You Baby, well, I certainly did. When you get mad, you can lash out sometimes, it's not right. Must work harder. Lighning On Me, we were going to go out, but the storm came. Look In My Eyes, I'm easier to hurt than you sometimes think darlin', take it easy. The Barman, well, I REALLY don't care that much, I'm not the bloke that's been drinking all day, you are. Leave me alone now please..... Send, I miss you, send me your love. Noodles For The Pretend Plumber, what was I thinking? Summer 2000, I'd broken this womans heart 4 and a half years earlier, she'd moved on, why wouldn't she? I was a fool, deal with it. Anyway, I fixed the tap in her bathroom.... At The Hospital, my best mates Mum had just died, Ivy had only gone in for a check-up. All round shock. Some Chick, my first properly finished song, written early 1991. Say it? Or don't? That old chestnut.... Go Get High Now, some nights everybody in the pub/bar were off their heads, sometimes including me. Crazy days. Jane, well, I was in love, I think that she was as well. I was going through some stuff, I didn't talk about it, and then I left town with no real explanation. For the next couple of years I made some very odd decisions. By the time I got myself together and realised what I'd done, it was way too late to make it up. I came back to town, back to what I knew, bar-work. This time, she left town. You've got to laugh. I did get around to saying sorry, so that's good. Upsidedown Kisses, a magic night, late 1995, Christmas time. I Could Turn Around, I could've, but life moves forwards, not back. I know this much now. Now I'm married to a lovely woman, I'm a 'stay at home Dad' with three children, and we live in the US. We've lived in all sorts of places, and got up to all sorts. All because, this time, I didn't 'turn around'...... This record was made at home as well, this time in the garage. My little man-cave of loveliness. I hope that you like this record, I was a bartender in the UK for 10 yrs, in High Wycombe, Manchester and Brighton, even Antalya in Turkey. Crazy days. I remember being one of the only vaguely sober people in a sea of drunks, drug addicts, villains, heroes/heroines and poets. These were the days my friends...


Künstler: Tony Alderman
Titel: Bartender Tales
Genre: Folk
Attribute: Duplicated CD
Release-Datum: 19.12.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767254206