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My Peaceful Place (Basic Autism)

My Peaceful Place (Basic Autism)

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How often does your child hear their name spoken in a harsh tone? How often is their name used in conjunction with correction or reprimand as opposed to words of love and encouragement? International flutist & vocalist Theresa Griffith, who is a Medicinal Music Specialist, is now offering custom CDs with your child's name sung in the first song and their photo on the CD's face and cover. Watch the change in your child's behavior and ability to learn and sleep after using their special CD for just one week! You will find them asking for it before bedtime and the first thing when they get home from school. In 1998 Theresa recorded a CD called Utopia for use with ADD/ADHD and the results were phenomenal. She recorded it at 60 beats per minute (bpm) which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, thereby bringing slower and deeper breathing patterns and a peaceful calming effect which facilitates sleep as well as the ability to focus and learn. The result of enhanced brain function through music is known as the Mozart effect. Now Theresa takes her new Autism CD a giant step further by recording at 55bpm and including personalized lyrics designed to touch the child's emotional well being by bringing healing to the perceptions of who they are and confirming over and over within their personal song that they are not only Ok, they are unique, accepted and special. Her new Basic Autism CD is called My Peaceful Place while the Personalized Version is titled with the child's name (Ex. David's Song). Both are a full hour long. The Basic CD begins with 10 minutes of generalized words of edification then continues on for another fifty minutes of music recorded at 55 bpm which has a lullaby effect. The personalized CD begins with your child's own personal song for the first 10 minutes than continues as previously described. Even though it is perfect for use at bedtime, it can be used anytime there is a need for calm. When used at bedtime these encouraging and affirming lyrics will renew the child's mind in who they are and that they are loved. This will not only bring amazing healthy changes in your child's life but will bring peace to the entire family. Theresa's other music is especially helpful at dinner time because it has also been proven to promote digestion. Please Note: This labor of love is perfect for many forms of Autism and ADHD, but can also be used for any child with confidence and peace building results.


Künstler: Theresa Griffith
Titel: My Peaceful Place (Basic Autism)
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 15.05.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767053243