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Sympathy Jones /  New York Cast

Sympathy Jones / New York Cast

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SYMPATHY JONES is a new musical about a young woman who dreams of being a star...a star spy, that is. Sympathy Jones is a spunky receptionist at a New York City intelligence agency who studies Indonesian martial arts in her spare time and is constantly angling for a promotion, to the amusement of the manly spies who inhabit her 1960s world. When a top-secret file is accidentally left on her desk she seizes the opportunity to embark on an adventure of her own, and in the process discovers that daring to save the world against impossible odds is not nearly as glamorous as she thought it would be. Even the best spies need some help from their friends along the way. SYMPATHY JONES pays homage to classic spy shows and films like 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,' 'The Avengers,' 'Get Smart,' and the 007 legacy, but with a girl-power twist and lots of heart. The jazzy score features Shirley Bassey-type numbers, bouncy 60s pop songs, and pulsing chase scenes, with a vaudeville-style duet and a powerhouse second act ballad thrown in for good measure. It's all tied together cleverly with a kooky plot about a bomb that stops time and a divorcee megavillain hell-bent on revenge, with lovable and entertaining characters that audiences can really invest in and care about. Our talented New York Studio Cast features wonderful Broadway performers, including Kate Shindle (Wonderland, Legally Blonde) who stars in the title role she originated during the world premiere of the musical in the 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival. The cast also features Colin Hanlon (Rent, TV's Modern Family) as agent Henry Greene, James Moye (Million Dollar Quartet, Ragtime) as super spy Nick Steele, Nick Wyman (Rebecca, Catch Me If You Can) as intelligence agency head Roger Pinkerton, and Swiss star Sue Mathys as super villainess Kitty Hawk, plus Jim Bray, Jen Percival, and Brittney Johnson. SYNOPSIS One mysterious evening circa 1964, the CEO of Oscillex Luxury Watches, Richard Oscill, holds a press conference at his Manhattan boutique. As he proudly unveils the Delta-29-a watch that grants eternal youth to it's wearer-a gunshot rings out. The crowd screams. Tick Tock, an agent from the Secret Coalition for Revenge, Assassination, Terrorism, Counterintelligence, and Heists (S.C.R.A.T.C.H.), has broken into the Oscillex lab to steal sensitive scientific research and attempted to nab the precious watch as well. Ace spy Nick Steele chases after him but is injured in the scuffle and Tick Tock slips into the shadows. Through it all, an elegant nightclub singer, Ann, conjures up the dangers of the spy world as she performs at the microphone in the Tempo Club, the city's most fashionable venue (Opening / Time Will Tell). The next morning at The Agency, receptionist Sympathy Jones peppers Agency director Mr. Pinkerton with questions about her request for a promotion, to no effect. Frustrated, she laments being trapped behind a desk when she'd rather be in the field going after the bad guys (Every Day / Super Secret Agent). Meanwhile, with Nick incapacitated, Pinkerton must put novice agent Henry Greene in charge of the S.C.R.A.T.C.H. case (Get Your Gun). But Henry has only just accepted his mission when, following a botched attempt at flirting with Sympathy, he accidentally leaves the case file on her desk. It's a golden opportunity she can't refuse. Soon afterward, Oscill is at work in his lab when two masked men break in and spirit him away. In a nearby alley, his ex-wife Katherine 'Kitty' Hawk, the secret leader of S.C.R.A.T.C.H., instructs her evil agents on how to be as effectively evil as possible. She also reveals to Oscill, a helpless prisoner, that she plans to use the Delta-29 'time-stopping' technology to create a powerful weapon (Don't Cross Kitty). With a vital clue gleaned from the case file, Sympathy sets out to stop Kitty Hawk on her own. First she swings by the Agency's Department of Disguisement, where her best friend Caprice makes sure she's properly outfitted for the job (Technical Disguise). When Kitty and Tick Tock rendezvous later that night at the Tempo Club, Sympathy is undercover on the scene and discovers valuable information about Kitty's scheme. However, it isn't long before Sympathy's secret investigation collides with Henry's official one. He threatens to report her, and she tries to convince him that they should work together (You Don't Have a Clue). Just when they're at an impasse, Henry receives word from HQ that Kitty has demonstrated her time-freeze bomb on Washington and is attempting to blackmail the President. Considering the severity of the situation, Henry and Sympathy agree to team up, and they head to Kitty's secret hideout together as all-agents and villains alike-prepare for the operation ahead (Before It's Too Late). At the S.C.R.A.T.C.H. lair, Kitty and Tick Tock take a short break from their evil plan to admit how much they truly appreciate one another (If I Didn't Have You). Unbeknownst to them, Sympathy and Henry are breaking into the compound-navigating a series of devious traps and dangerous obstacles as they race to the main chamber (Think Fast), where Tick Tock is preparing to launch another bomb. Sympathy and Henry attempt to ambush Kitty and Tick Tock, but are caught and left to die an elaborate death. Sympathy escapes, barely making it out alive. But when she radios for help, Pinkerton orders her to stay put until more agents arrive. Sympathy contemplates her situation and decides she has no choice but to venture back in and help Henry before it's too late (A Story). Exhausted but determined, Sympathy sneaks back into the compound and frees Henry, and together they burst into the main chamber. As Henry works frantically to de-activate the bomb, Kitty and Sympathy face off. An all-out fight ensues, as the seconds, and the bomb, keep on ticking... But never fear. Even if the entire compound goes up in flames (it does) and Kitty and Tick Tock return to their evil ways (they do), the Agency knows just who to send to foil their villainous plans once again (Finale: Super Secret Agent).


Künstler: Sympathy Jones New York Studio Cast
Titel: Sympathy Jones / New York Cast
Genre: Pop
Release-Datum: 07.09.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
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