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Senor Llaves & the Mexican Muse (Acts 1 & 2)

Senor Llaves & the Mexican Muse (Acts 1 & 2)

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Steven Charles Cecil | "Señor Llaves and the Mexican Muse" "Señor Llaves and the Mexican Muse" is the third release by indie songwriter Steven Charles Cecil. Steven has spent much of his music career as a keyboardist backing blues artists such as Bobby Parker (San Francisco Blues Fest 1993, Estafette Blues Festival 2001, Montreux Jazz Festival 2004, Chicago Blues Festival 2010), Little Jimmy King (Portland Waterfront Blues Festival 1995), and Sherman Robertson (King Biscuit Festival 1997). "Señor Llaves" is a Roots Music Musical that chronicles Señor's quest for his elusive muse Sweet Adelita. The inspiration for the project traces back to 2008, over a bottle of wine with Houston based musician "Bella Adela" Calbillo Justice (Her father Carlos Calbillo is known for KPRC's documentary about Freddy Fender). While schooling Steven on songwriter Townes Van Zandt, Bella said "Steven singing isn't one of your strong points. You should write a musical and find some singers". Thus began a journey of musical discovery for Steven. Much of the project was tracked with east coast guitarist Tony Fazio and Los Angeles session drummer Daniel Stone, but in 2010 the project got a boost in upstate New York. Victor Deyglio and female rocker Lex Grey helped create tracks 4 and 10. Then Vaughan Mason (known for his 80s R&B hits on the Brunswick label) produced tracks 6 and 18 for Steven out of his project studio in Baltimore. One of the more bitter sweet soulful tracks, "Empty Whiskey Bottles", was recorded in a New Orleans style shotgun house in the Independent Heights Neighborhood of Houston blocks away from historic Burgess Hall. "Empty Whiskey Bottles" features the drum and guitar work of Blues Artist Albert Storo as well as Los Angeles based songwriter/guitarist Ronnie Edwards. By late 2011 most of the tracks had been recorded but the CD still had not quite come together. Enter poet/songwriter T. T. Tucker (co-founder of the Apathy Press). The remaining tracks were recorded in Tucker's Baltimore Row House, with Tucker's narrations bringing the project together. Finally, Jim Fox (an engineer known for his work with Junior Marvin, Israel Vibration, and Soldier of Jah's Army) brought the project to completion. In scope, "Señor Llaves and the Mexican Muse", is a sampling of American Music that includes Blues, Rock and Soul, Americana, Roots Rock, and Folk. It tells the story of a man on his quest for his musical muse and chronicles his discoveries along the way. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Senor Llaves and the Mexican Muse- .... It is a 22 track CD that tells the story of Senor Llaves's quest for his mystical muse. .... which has been receiving ravereviews from the Houston Press and now the FUHA crew's tummies. -Hindi TV 'I want to tell you the pleasure I have had to listen to your new CD...there is a good spirit all along the tracks explore a wide variety of sounds ...Vocally and intrumentally your CD is a real pleasure and your good songs bring the listener into a captivating is a pleasure to have artists like you with a real creativity, a real musical personality. So I will air tracks 8,10,12 and 18 from next week...' PENARD Mike ISA Radio MILIEU FRANCE Steven Charles Cecil is an American keyboard player from Baltimore who in the past Rootstime already several times considerable attention can count, including our supreme chief Freddy for his album 'Towing The Heart' that he and in 2005 recorded with The Hometown Hillbillies' and From the CD 'The Be-Bop Sessions' from 2008, which Mr (RON) him a good feather in the cap raised. Now it's my turn to make a judgment about the musical work of this artist. The occasion for this is the release of his new and third album 'Llaves Señor And The Mexican Muse', an album as a sort of musical roots music is presented with an 'Act I' and 'Act II'. Punctuated by a lot by poet and songwriter TT Tucker spoken interludes brings Steven Charles Cecil twelve real songs that make up the story of 'Señor Llaves' and his Mexican muse 'Adelita' to tell in funky rock songs (including 'Rontambo' and 'Santo's Mama' ), soulful songs ('Why Did You Stay?', 'Señor's Dream' and 'I Need You To See'), poppy piano rockers ('Did You Move to Arizona?' and 'Sweet Adelita') and bluesy ballads (Empty Whiskey Bottles, '' Homeland Security 'and' Forgiveness '). For the musical accompaniment to all these numbers make Tony Fazio guitarist and drummer Daniel Stone and the female vocals are provided by rock singer Lex Grey. We feel superfluous to the song on this CD is also the only cover song that Steven Charles Cecil brings. This is a more than 9 minute version of Willie Dixon's 'Wang Dang Doodle', the song ends in a cacophony of voices, sounds and confusing pieces of vocals. Steven Charles Cecil, in his long career playing keyboards for a number of blues artists such as Little Jimmy King and Bobby Parker. His musical excursions as a solo artist throughout time have therefore been confined to the reviewer for this magazine plates. We therefore believe that his ambitions do not have to be sought in developing a thriving solo career, but that these CDs rather as a welcome outlet should be considered, which we man this from the bottom of our hearts allow. (Valsam) Rootstime Belgium.


Künstler: Steven Cecil Charles
Titel: Senor Llaves & the Mexican Muse (Acts 1 & 2)
Genre: Folk
Release-Datum: 07.02.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 640519001121