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Extra Sugar on the Bone

Extra Sugar on the Bone

  • Von Steve Baxter
  • Version 13.07.2010
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Medienformat CD
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Extra Sugar On The Bone is a real representation of the music making process and dedicated to true music lovers. Even though the recordings were completed within a year, the works were conceptualized over a period of 5 years. Many of the songs were written of the road, in hotels, and on long flights. The original CD, Sugar On The Bone, was edited and produced with a specific 'marketability' in mind, but there was more of the story left to tell. As a result, Extra takes those songs that didn't quite make the first cut, along with raw mixes, outtakes, first takes, unedited versions, and more, to good notes, from feedback to talking in the tracks. Some of the music might move you, relax you, or distract you, but it will some how get your attention. ' Extra' Sugar On The Bone was recorded during the original sessions for Sugar On The Bone, and all those great musicians were utilized for both albums. Because of their immense talent, they were let loose, often giving the song a different meaning or a fresh perspective. Tracks include: 'Better Days' - a belief that things will get better, even though we are currently at war, in a recession, and dealing with an oil spill that is quickly becoming one of the worst environmental disasters in history. 'Jet Lag Mambo' - based on those long travel days and crazy sleep schedules on the road that puts your body out of whack. 'Noisy Neighbors' - reminds us all that there are noisy neighbors everywhere. 'One People' - simply, all are one, and we are in this thing called life together. 'Fat Tuesday' - a tribute to New Orleans and all it encompasses: music, Mardi Gras, big parades, and celebrating. 'Lucky One' - some people are extremely lucky or have good timing on everything in their life. 'Burning Desire' - represents that rush to make a big accomplishment. '101 Coast Line' - a musical journey through the California highway that winds from the valley to Santa Barbara, and the scenery jumps from crazy to amazing. 'Four More Days' - the excitement you feel when you finally get to see that special person again. And of course... 'Sugar On The Bone' - paying special attention to the beautiful sound a trombone can produce... because everyone deserves a little sugar every now and then. The project is complete, the script has been written, and a new journey has begun.


Künstler: Steve Baxter
Titel: Extra Sugar on the Bone
Genre: Jazz
Release-Datum: 13.07.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501359665