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Escape Is Not a Place

Escape Is Not a Place

(Duplicated CD)
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Stephen Shepherd's fifth CD in six years. Previous CD's have produced hit records in the U.S. and 15 countries with albums remaining on the Roots Music Charts for 62 weeks. 'Escape Is Not A Place' simply states that no one can travel away from themselves to solve their problems. A change of scenery is just that--only an external change, and it is only my changing and facing our problems internally can we actually solve them. 'No Beer, No Smokes, No Alice'--an autobiographical song about the sudden nature of lost love--speaks to the immediacy of losing everything: your girl, good times, and creature comforts. Yet, despite his entire loss, the song's narrator still loves the girl. Even when his best friends point out that it is illogical for him to do so--'that ten months of winter never turned to spring'--he still insists that he still loves her. So, love is not based on logic, but transcends it. 'Bigger Than Yourself' is a call for people to be less self-absorbed and to think about life in larger terms. Only by listening to those older and wiser can we become wise ourselves. In this song, the older narrator is speaking to his young son who he perceives as being too shallow by only thinking of himself. The implication of their conversation is that something else--a much larger truth--exists if we just seek it. This truth, of course, is God's presence on earth as evidenced by his creation of nature. 'Radio and Moonlight' captures a spontaneous romantic evening where two people dance in their kitchen to a song on the radio. The result of their dance is that they fall in love, which means that they were not in love when the dance started. Dancing, and it's romantic conditions, can create miracles of the heart, just like the majic of moonbeans. 'Tell Me Why?' is a desperate attempt of the song's narrator to understand why a woman that he is attracted to isn't attracted to him in the same way. In short, if he feels this way, why doesn't she? While he pleads to her in the song to love him, he forgets that time can not overcome chemistry. 'Any Other Way' is a song about how the mind time travels back into our personal history to recall simple events that somehow over time have become large infuences. Because they are meaningful, our concept of time becomdes distorted and they become events that happened 'just yesterday.' 'Sweet Soft Body' is a traditional bluegrass song where the narrator tries to convince a woman to spend the night with him because he believes that she really doesn't love her boyfriend. He reminds her of how she has become ridged and unspontaneous.


Künstler: Stephen Shepherd
Titel: Escape Is Not a Place
Genre: Country
Attribute: Duplicated CD
Release-Datum: 01.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501349000
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