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Licorice Stick

Licorice Stick

  • Version 08.05.2012
  • Medienformat CD
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Chamber music composed by Libby Larsen who is one of America's most prolific and most performed living composers. ' Licorice Stick' (2002) Cl Pi: The term 'Licorice Stick' is an American slang term for the clarinet developed during the heyday of big band clarinet playing in the 1930's. It was commissioned by Stefan Harg and Katarina Ström-Harg, who premiered the piece 2 July 2002 in Stockholm. 'Song without words' (1986) Cl Pi: It was composed as a musical epitaph for Richard Lamberton, a beloved friend who had a particular love for the clarinet. 'Mephisto Rag' (2000) Pi: Is a ragtime fantasy grand piano showpiece, recalling Franz Liszt''Mephisto Waltz'. 'Dancing solo' (1994) Cl: Dancing alone-improvising with the shadows, the air, on an inner beat, upon a fleeting feeling-has always enthralled me.(L.L) 'Songs from letters; Calamity Jane to her daughter Janey 1880-1902' (1989) Sop Pi: ' is, 160 years later, the natural and long-awaited successor to Robert Schumann's... song cycle, Frauenlieben und leben' (The Los Angeles Times) 'Slang' (1994) Vi Cl Pi: Is a one-movement work in three sections. It's title refers to the use of both jazz and boogie slang and twentieth century ´new music' slang throughout the composition. Libby Larsen (b. 24 December 1950, Wilmington, Delaware) is one of America's most prolific and most performed living composers. She has created a catalogue of over 400 works spanning virtually every genre from intimate vocal and chamber music to massive orchestral works and over twelve operas. Her music has been praised for it's dynamic, deeply inspired, and vigorous contemporary American spirit. Constantly sought after for commissions and premieres by major artists, ensembles and orchestras around the world, Libby Larsen has established a permanent place for her works in the concert repertory. Larsen has been hailed as "the only English-speaking composer since Benjamin Britten who matches great verse with fine music so intelligently and expressively" (USA Today); as "a composer who has made the art of symphonic writing very much her own." (Gramophone); as "a mistress of orchestration" (Times Union); and for "assembling one of the most impressive bodies of music of our time" (Hartford Courant). Her music has been praised for it's "clear textures, easily absorbed rhythms and appealing melodic contours that make singing seem the most natural expression imaginable." (Philadelphia Inquirer) "Libby Larsen has come up with a way to make contemporary opera both musically current and accessible to the average audience." (The Wall Street Journal). "Her ability to write memorable new music completely within the confines of traditional harmonic language is most impressive." (Fanfare) Libby Larsen has received numerous awards and accolades, including a 1994 Grammy as producer of the CD: The Art of Arlene Augér, an acclaimed recording that features Larsen's Sonnets from the Portuguese. Her opera Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus was selected as one of the eight best classical music events of 1990 by USA Today. The first woman to serve as a resident composer with a major orchestra, she has held residencies with the California Institute of the Arts, the Arnold Schoenberg Institute, the Philadelphia School of the Arts, the Cincinnati Conservatory, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony, and the Colorado Symphony. Larsen's many commissions and recordings are a testament to her fruitful collaborations with a long list of world-renowned artists, including The King's Singers, Benita Valente, and Frederica von Stade, among others. Her works are widely recorded on such labels as Angel/EMI, Nonesuch, Decca, and Koch International. As a past holder of the 2003-2004 Harissios Papamarkou Chair in Education at the Library of Congress and recipient of the Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Libby Larsen is a vigorous, articulate champion of the music and musicians of our time. In 1973, she co-founded (with Stephen Paulus) the Minnesota Composers Forum, now the American Composers Forum, which has been an invaluable advocate for composers in a difficult, transitional time for American arts. Consistently sought-after as a leader in the generation of millenium thinkers, Libby Larsen's music and ideas have refreshed the concert music tradition and the composer's role in it. © Libby Larsen.


Titel: Licorice Stick
Release-Datum: 08.05.2012
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