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Katherine on My Chest/ With You at Your Grave

Katherine on My Chest/ With You at Your Grave

  • Von Stanley Woolner
  • Version 05.10.2010
  • Medienformat CD
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Bio Stanley Woolner was born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1959. He studied composition at Stanford University and with composers Paul Siskind and Edie Hill. He is the winner of the 2007 and 2009 Eric Stokes Song Contests, and the 2010 Met-Life 'Meet the Composer' award for emerging composers. His music has been performed at the Schubert Club of Saint Paul, the Stan Rogers International Music Festival, Nova Scotia, Canada, by the Minnesota Sinfonia, featured on Minnesota Public Radio, as well as numerous other venues. Articles about and interviews with Woolner and his music have appeared in Nick Coleman's StarTribune column, Minnesota Public Radio, Minnesota Medicine, Three Minute Egg, The St. Paul Voice, and other publications. Album Notes 'Dry eyes were not in abundance' wrote the Halifax Herald of the audience at the Stan Rogers International Music Festival after the performance of composer Stanley Woolner's 'Katherine on my Chest/with you at your Grave.' This compelling solo piano CD is a collection of nine lovely lyrical works by Woolner. The title tack is a memorial to his daughter Katherine whom he lost. There are nine pieces in all on the CD, each their own, with their own inspiration and mood, from the irresistably singable Award winning 'Composition April 1997,' to the evocative 'Impressions Lake Pepin.' Another interesting feature is that four of the works are four left hand alone. A percentage of sales are donated to Maternal and Childhealth International. Track Notes Composition April 1997 -- A little gem, winner Eric Stokes Song Contest. Impressions Lake Pepin -- A leaden sky of heavy cloud over the Mississippi River's Lake Pepin was the stimulus for this evocative left-handed piece. Composition October 1996 --Hauntingly beautiful. Treinta y Tres --A sultry piece that, in a listener's words 'takes you somewhere.' Theme and Variations for the Left Hand --A simple stark theme followed by seven variations. Maiden Rock --Maiden Rock is a limestone precipice that towers five hundred feet over Lake Pepin. Dakota legend says that a young maiden threw herself to her death from the rock rather than be forced to marry someone other than her own true love. The slow chordal vertical theme that opens the work and repeats relentlessly is Maiden Rock in pink-yellow light of a September evening. A second linear theme is a meeting of the two lovers in the forest beneath the rock, their love fated, tragic, all. The two themes interweave, the permanent juxtaposed with the ephemeral. City-Scape May-June Evening --A red stone building bathed in amber light of a May-June evening, as in an Edward Hopper painting, inspired this short left hand piece. Composition for Left Hand --A flowing waltz of joy, and joy fringed with melancholy, contasting with and complimenting the previous work. Katherine on my Chest/with you at your Grave --Written about and for my daughter Katherine, October 29, 1997-October 14, 1998. The piece is in an A-B-A format. The 'A' part, Katherine on my Chest, is Katherine lying on my chest, a two-note rising and falling motif describing the gentle random motions of her feet upon me. The 'B' section, with you at your Grave, is my visiting Katherine at the cemetery. After a low somber opening. My walking to the grave, I turn a hedgerow corner and arrive to her, marked by the joyful main theme of the 'B' section. Alternating with this is a haunting theme of descending octaves describing tall poplars of the cemetery etched against a white-gray sky, the realization of her death and where I am and why. After a climax of pain, the 'B' section ends. The 'A' part returns, Katherine alive on my chest, and closes the piece. A percentage of proceeds of this CD are donated to Maternal and Childhealth International in Katherine's name for the benefit of children.


Titel: Katherine on My Chest/ With You at Your Grave
Release-Datum: 05.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 707541955126
Produkt #: SRD195512