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Experimental Music Lab

Experimental Music Lab

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"CREATED IN PROFESSOR MUSIKMACHER'S EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC LAB" Music will never be the same after Professor Musikmacher gets through with it! In his zeal to further musical understanding, he favors us on this CD with a series of "illustrative lectures" about contemporary music wherein the music itself is both the illustration and the lecture. The lectures were created in The Professor's Experimental Music Lab, using analytical models developed at Berlin's St. Ursula's School for Delinquent Girls. One picture, or in this case, one illustration, is worth a thousand words. After showing us in "Bone Moan" the alchemy of processing old trombones into new trombones, The Professor reminds us in "Power Duo" that we are dealing with texture rather than pitch. The linguistic exercise "What's In A Name?" illustrates how meaningless genre titles can be transformed into a meaningful text-based piece. In "Dynamic Interface," old technology meets new technology but not without some trombone angst. After a much-needed respite in "Noir," The Professor explains in "Mouth Sounds" the necessity of the mouth in successful trombone playing (If The Professor says this statement means something, then it means something.). Next, in "B Movie," we have an illustrative lecture about contemporary art music's contribution to popular culture. In "Ear Training," we are reminded to "open" our ears, and in "Performin' Artiste," we learn how Miss Holly forgot her Bible learnin'. Finally, "Machine Language," which brings this electroacoustical CD to a close, helps us understand technology's role in the continuing evolution of man. Admittedly, it can be difficult to understand the relevance of all of this. Nevertheless, careful listening to these "illustrative lectures" coupled with some careful thinking will yield new insights into the communicative power of music. Remember, in this life nothing is free save for the grace of God. -----Steven Eversole MUSIC NOW ENSEMBLE: This ensemble is a collective of improvisers and composers of exceptional musicianship and imagination. The members of the collective perform in various combinations of players in order to offer a kaleidoscope of instrumentations consistent with the philosophy of free improvisation. Stanley Schumacher founded the ensemble in 2003 to present performances in both acoustical and electroacoustical formats and to promote the diversity and spontaneity of contemporary art music. STANLEY SCHUMACHER: Trombonist, vocalist, and composer Stanley Schumacher is director of the Music Now Ensemble and president of Musikmacher Productions. He has an established resume in improvised music, having performed with Ricardo Arias, Rosi Hertlein, David Hofstra, Evan Lipson, Sabir Mateen, Hans Tammen, Todd Whitman, Nate Wooley, and many others. Stanley also composes contemporary art music. His improvisations and compositions are often characterized by the use of brass instruments and narrative. Experimental Music Lab follows this pattern in it's use of two trombones and in the narrative tracks "What's In A Name?" and "Performin' Artiste." His improvisations can be heard on previous releases from Musikmacher Productions, most recently on Way Cool (MM005). CHRISTOFER VARNER: Munich based trombonist Christofer Varner's involvement in contemporary classical music began when, as a student, he played in the Ensemble for New Music at the State School for Music in Stuttgart, Germany. This initial interest led Christofer to pursue other areas of contemporary music, including composition, improvisation, and experimentation with live electronic, sampler, and computer music. Trombonist Vinko Globokar sparked Christofer's interest in improvisation which is now the focus of his musical activity. EVAN LIPSON: Bassist Evan Lipson performs in a variety of alternative ensembles. His improvisation credentials include performing with Stuart Dempster, Andy Hayleck, Katt Hernandez, Rosi Hertlein, Matthias Kaul, Lukas Ligeti, Toshi Makihara, Sabir Mateen, Pauline Oliveros, Mike Pride, Stanley Schumacher, Nate Wooley, Todd Whitman, and Jack Wright. Evan has received both the American Composers Forum SUBITO grant and Meet the Composer's Creative Connections grant. He studied string bass with Michael Formanek and Robert Kesselman. JASON SMELTZER: Jason Smeltzer plays the Theremin, one of the first musical instruments to use electricity and the only instrument played without being touched. The broad range of music he has played includes classical, improvisational, Middle-Eastern dance, nursery rhymes, rhythm and blues, and jazz fusion. He has performed at several venues in Poland and at the Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum. He performs regularly at the Drawing Socials at the AFA Gallery in Scranton, Pennsylvania. PROFESSOR MUSIKMACHER: A long-time associate of the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Professor Musikmacher performs exclusively with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble, which provides a platform for his "instructive lectures." He was educated in Berlin at the Moravian Academy and at the St. Ursula School for Delinquent Girls where he completed his theoretical studies. Professor Musikmacher is well known for his essay "Oral Arts and the Negative Space Continuum." Included in the venerable Journal of Oral Arts, this essay explores the metaphysical relationship of sound and reality. His recent book, Altered States: A Comprehensive Investigation of Reality, published by Didactic Press, has received high critical acclaim.


Künstler: Stanley Schumacher & the Music Now Ensemble
Titel: Experimental Music Lab
Genre: Classical Artists
Release-Datum: 05.06.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501717946