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Magnetic North

Magnetic North

  • Von Shalini
  • Version 03.08.2010
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Shalini's live musical experience started in the mid-80s playing bass in a college band while attending UW-Madison. After moving to San Francisco in 1990, she searched for other musicians with the same taste, established her own band, Vinyl Devotion, and gained experience playing to city crowds, while writing songs and making records for independent, like-minded labels. After a move to the South, she expanded her musical horizons by trying to fill in gaps in her rock education and meeting more seasoned and professional-level musicians, which boosted her own self-taught level of playing. The move opened new doors to stability, regional travel, and larger outdoor shows. Normally, Shalini wouldn't have used her name as the band name, but her Southern friends Mitch Easter and Don Dixon talked her into it. She figured it was the same thing as a regular band name, with a more obvious statement defining the main songwriter. And songs are the most important aspect of a band to Shalini, not a guest list, a certain kind of website, or some other statement. Her goals have remained the same: to write good songs and put on a good live show. Reviews of Magnetic North: Fred Mills, Shuffle: It's risky to presume autobiography on the part of songwriters, who routinely employ metaphor and character sketches. Still, listening to Shalini Chatterjee's fourth solo release it's hard to avoid concluding someone got their heart broken, what with such lines as 'I sense a change,' 'you don't want me around' and-most pointedly-'betrayal... desertion... heartache set in motion.' The latter indictment comes from 'Walking Ghost of Death,' a rip-snorting slice of power pop that sounds like a sweaty collision between the Breeders and the Plimsouls, and it's emblematic of how exposed-nerve emotion can elevate a song from just 'good' to 'great.' Elsewhere the Shalini band (abetted by husband Mitch Easter on piano and Velvet's Jane Francis on backing vox) conjure distaff images of classic Dream Syndicate ('One of One') and psychedelic Cheap Trick ('Echo'). Translation: kickass music-or music to kick someone's ass with. Don't be on the receiving end of this gal's wrath. Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover: On this six-songer, this North Carolina outfit continue to sharpen their brand of infectious power-pop last heard on 2007 third LP The Surface and the Shine. They're led by dynamo frontwoman Shalini Chatterjee (formerly of 1990s SF band Vinyl Devotion), whose sunshine-filled vocals again recall Belinda Carlisle and ex-Fall/Adult Net singer Brix Smith. Further, Let's Active founder and husband Mitch Easter plays piano on three songs (he also mixed the record), while new rhythm section Shawn Lynch and Chris Garges give the music a more weighty kick. Indeed, 'Mine As You Ever Were' and 'See You in My Dreams' are Primitives/Darling Buds bubblegum with the heft of Sloan or Ash. Chatterjee's fervent 'devotion' to '60s-'80s pop has paid huge dividends; nobody mines this style with more spirit and joie de vivre. Winston-Salem Journal: Magnetic North will point toward a new musical direction for guitarist and bassist Shalini Chatterjee... a radical departure from the grittier, noisier sound of 2007's The Surface and the Shine... Crisp melodies, straightforward arrangements and hooks catchy enough to grab short attention spans... The direction is not that of a typical pop offering, although it's easy to pick up on Chatterjee's musical influences. She nearly becomes Debbie Harry on 'One of One,' and 'Sky of Diana' rocks out psychedelia-style with a synthesizer, glockenspiel and tympani... A refreshing change from the recent norm of soulless, Auto-Tune-heavy pop music. Chris Parker, The Independent (Raleigh, NC): Shalini comes together like a five-star Food Network recipe. Sweet-throated frontwoman Shalini Chatterjee's spent almost a quarter century in musical pursuits... Gleaming power pop hooks, rugged arena rock in the vein of Cheap Trick, warm, shimmering atmospheres and a dash of indie rock eccentricity coexist easily.


Künstler: Shalini
Titel: Magnetic North
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 03.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 751937391029
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