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Love Evolve

Love Evolve

  • Von Shahram Shiva
  • Version 05.06.2012
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Medienformat CD
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LOVE EVOLVE is Shahram Shiva's latest album of transformative songs. It features new original lyrics by Shahram Shiva, in addition to some of his favorite Rumi songs. Blending elements of rock, dance, groove based, trip-hop, ambient, electronic and acoustic with the hypnotic voice of Shahram Shiva, this beautiful and unusual album is an anthem for progressive minds and spirits that yearn to constantly evolve and an empowering experience of love, beauty, freedom, self acceptance, wisdom and joy. Shahram Shiva began the LOVE EVOLVE project with a very specific vision of a mixed-genre album. Love Evolve includes 10 songs (5 original lyrics and 5 Rumi songs) and features several musical disciplines, including rock (Control, Love Evolve), acoustic (This is Enlightenment), groove based (Love's Touch, Be Guiltless, Light + Dark = One), dance (No Religion, Dance Universe), hip hop (Go Back to Sleep) and ambient (I Have Come to Shine). ABOUT THE ARTIST: Shahram Shiva is a performance poet, author, recording artist and an award-winning translator of Rumi. He has been sharing Rumi with the world for more than two decades. LOVE EVOLVE is the second album in his planned love-themed trilogy, the first being the celebrated RUMI: LOVEDRUNK. CREDITS: Spoken Verse: Shahram Shiva Guitars, Bass, Synth, Programming & Mixing: Danny Blume Musser Vibraphone, Yamaha C1 Upright Piano, Moog 3p Modular, Arp 2500 Modular, Synton Syrinx & EMS Putney: David Baron Additional Vocals: Simi Stone (aka Simi Sernaker) Concert Flute, Bamboo Flute & Trumpet: John Ragusa Cello: Jane Scarpantoni Drums & Electric Djembe: Alex Alexander Drums & Percussion: Ben Perowsky PRODUCTION: LOVE EVOLVE is Produced by the multiple GRAMMY nominee and GRAMMY Award winner Danny Blume and Shahram Shiva. Recorded and mixed by Danny Blume,, Woodstock, NY Mastering by The Isokon,, Woodstock, NY SONG LIST: 01- This Is Enlightenment Original lyrics by Shahram Shiva 02- Love Evolve Original lyrics by Shahram Shiva 03- Be Guiltless Original lyrics by Shahram Shiva 04- No Religion Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva 05- Control Original lyrics by Shahram Shiva 06- Light + Dark = One Original lyrics by Shahram Shiva 07- Dance Universe Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva 08- Love's Touch Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva 09- Go Back To Sleep Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva 10- I Have Come To Shine Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva * * * * * * * 'This is Enlightenment' Multilingual Chorus Reciting 'Love Yourself' in 13 Languages: Italian & Portuguese - Julia Crystal Spanish - Kena Raquel Custage Swedish - Shikha, Emine and Madhu Russian & Latvian - Aija Terauda German - Selin Kaya Finish - Ava Vartiainen Persian & Turkish - Mojgan Cyrus Hebrew - Natanya Green Arabic - Lee Safar Hindi - Trupti Patel.


Künstler: Shahram Shiva
Titel: Love Evolve
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 05.06.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767456501