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One More First

One More First

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The first track, 'Save The Bees' highlights the Second Hand Smokers smokin' hot rhythm section. With Ricky Gary's chop laden, frenetic drum style counterpointing Carl Alexander's fast and groovy, Victor Wooten inspired bass line, this tune captures the feel of a honeybee's hive buzzing at full capacity on a sunny summer day. With JP Nollet's grooving rhythm guitar and hook line, Joe Fyfe's keyboards filling all the right spaces, Doug 'Smoked' Salmon belting out the main hook on tenor saxophone, and Carl's aggressive, yet humorous lead vocals, this polyrhythmic delight will fully pollinate your senses! Track 2, 'Cleopatra' is an easily accessible funky dance song juxtaposing timeless images from history with modern hippie funk, all in a unique and enjoyable way as only The Smokers can do. Track 3, 'Stop, Drop and Roll' is a three minute instrumental firestorm conjuring the feel of an urban, five alarm conflagration. Changing it up a little bit, the fourth track 'At The Station' is a straight up funky dance groove with a classic sound playfully mixed with that smoky twist. JP gets to stretch his vocal chords a bit on this one. Track 5, 'You Done Stole It' is the only blues song on the album. A funky Chicago style blues done Colorado style. Track 6, 'Solamente Del Corazon' is a full on heartfelt latin delight! The only song Carl, with Joe's help, has ever written in Spanish, but you would never know it. It sounds as authentic as any Tito Puente or Santana song that ever made the charts. If this one doesn't get you up and dancing by the end of it's 8 minutes of well worn latin groove, well, perhaps you're just not feeling well, or maybe just worn out. Get some rest and listen again later. Not bad for a bunch of gringoes. Ayy chihuahua! The seventh tune, 'Streetwalker', a fabulously funky and jazzy, soothing slower groove about urban homelessness and the underlying mental conditions that often cause it, is a nice change of pace on the album and perhaps the deepest. Track 8, 'Obvious Eyes' written and sung by Joe brings another change of pace with it's melodic chord progression and colorful, somewhat beatnicky lyrics. A groovy tune that will 'lift your rubber soul and pull you down the street'. Track 9, 'Horsefly Lies' is somewhat of a return to the first track with it's frenetic, groovy, funky bass and drum driven rhythm and pace. But with perhaps a more poetic lyric line, and perhaps in a bit more jazzy place. 'If a Horsefly may pass you by, do you expect me to believe his lies?' The tenth track entitled 'Seven' is an odd time signature masterpiece. Written mostly in 7/8 time, this jazz rock instrumental finishes off the album very nicely and will put you in seventh heaven! JP really used his music degree writing this one! 'Gong Hit', the last track is exactly that. Kind of an inside joke, it's just a single, well placed hit on the gong. We have this really high quality, giant gong in our studio and wanted to work it into a song somewhere. Literally, on every song we recorded we would joke that it needed some gong in it, but never did fit it in anywhere. So Carl suggested this song, and hit the gong.


Künstler: Second Hand Smokers
Titel: One More First
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 27.12.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501651806