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Salsa.It Compilation 8 /  Various

Salsa.It Compilation 8 / Various

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Adorned with an elegant blue mantle, the new edition of Salsa. It Vol 8 is already available since the 2nd of December. The compilation, produced in Italy, is once again ready to cross it's borders for it's usual parade in the showcase of international Latin music. The pre-listening uploaded on the net, along with the videos already scheduled, anticipate with eloquence the nature of the tracks, which are well-thought as always and will satisfy the vast and demanding audience of fans and dancers. The task of opening this 8th edition goes to Massimo Scalici: his 'Una Vez Mas' is the passionate story of a tormented and confused desire, introduced by a beautiful melody that breaks with progressive dynamism towards the unexpected epilogue. The excellent performance of Massimo Scalici is favoured by the intense music composed by him and passionate lyrics whose esteemed author is Francisco Rojos. Excellent debut for Ciclon Cubano with a salsa full, of course, of Cuban sounds. 'Un Dia Yo' is a fine track, rich and detailed in it's arrangements, masterfully played by Alfredito Flores and Ernesto Planas Errero, who also tell of love and it's entrancing gait. The well-known presence of Talento Havana, with 2 hits full of energetic peculiarity: eclectic as ever, Ricky Jo and Julio Cesar el Emperador do not hesitate to cross their artistic boundaries, from Timba con Reggaeton to Urban Merengue, from 'Montate to Se Pone Mal', a distance that does not seem to exist for them. Here comes La 'Bandolera' de la noche by Tony Velardi, Dj Zoro and Dj Fabio B, a lilting and unrelenting challenge to all dancers and their never-ending desire to be consumed in their passion. Another new guest is Flia Familia, playing the delicate declaration of a sincere feeling: 'Amor Amor' is a smooth bachata characterized by exquisite simplicity, it's background voices wrap you in a romantic atmosphere and an original part, sung in Italian, makes it definitely special. The collaboration with DJ El Gordo, the main author of music and lyrics, is invaluable. Double contribution this year from Latin Sound Machine, creators of a Pop/Soul/Latin of great uniqueness; Love Of My Life is a soft bachata that celebrates the thrill of being a father and a son: the ethereal affection between the two, made of patience, understanding and intense love. Replicating the previous successful tune, follows 'Over Again', a salsa which is also sung in English, full of pop/soul fusion coming from the music background of it's main author Fabio Gianni, whose combinations are also born from the contribution of Gianni Nuzzi, an already known and respected author of many important hits. A cha-cha with great depth is presented by La Maxima 79, sung by the familiar voice of Leo Wilber: 'Habia Cavour' is ready to cross the Italian borders to penetrate the most typical and traditional reality of international Latin music. The important contribution of Fabrizio Zoro shows once again how invaluable and strategic collaborations between deejays and artists are, which enable them both to have a more accurate perception of music trends, creating a consensus that encourages the meeting between creativity and it's audience. From the virtuous voice of Maikel Melody, 'Sueno' bursts with energy, a track composed by the lively trio Velardi/Pesaresi/Zoro: the unstoppable enthusiasm of the arrangement is the fusion of the three authors' artistic features that created an original song and their different sounds. Double debut for El Timba DJ and it's many guests, Eminencia Clasica and Leo Wilber, who together present 'Te Quiero', a salsa perfectly in line with current international style trends and 'Yo Quiero Amar,' a very special bachata, characterized by a unique orchestration and a sound evoking mysterious atmospheres interwoven in a floating motion, with the poetic performance of Carlos Gonzales. Unmissable is the participation of Alejandro Martinez, an artist who boasts all the presences in Salsa. It Compilation; his "Bang Bang" explodes it's vigorous energy through wild solos and lilting rhythms, reminding the peculiarity of the descarga. From the virtuous intuitions of Raul Victores and Ivan Bridon, supported by Gate One Publishing, here come two pieces with a strong personality: the first is 'Dancing Tonight', in typical Eurocuban style, a superb duet by Gloria Bianco and Dago Hernandez and the second is 'Miami', conceived to be a Cubaton, sung by Dago Hernandez only, full of interesting yet not intrusive contaminations. Precious return of Latingroove in the Compilation that reappears with 'Thrill' 'in no uncertain terms': catching, electrical, ambiguous and intriguing; a bachata full of feeling, a daring thrill that will spare no one. Thanks to the valuable collaboration with Marco Ferretti, Otra Fuente presents 'Tu y Yo', a song with deep emotions yet delicate in it's form: the wonderful voice of Maikel Melody has been able to accurately read the melancholy and the emotion of a dramatic story. JT Latin Factory & Erika Latingroove end with 'Dark', a bachata starring the seductive Marta Falcone, chosen to tell the world of the night, her world through the words of Erika, only to find, together, the shared feeling that darkness stirs, evoking daring fantasies or the troubled encounter with herself on a repeated night journey. A well-deserved general praise goes to all the performers, authors, composers, deejays and publishers who contributed to the creation of this project, once again diverse and with a wide selection, available to the taste of all fans and dancers. A great appreciation is addressed to all the staff at Alosibla Music Group for the coordination and executive production of this 8th edition. We cannot forget to thank Ilario Calì, Moreno Bernardinello and Francisco Rojos, creators and supporters of the Salsa. It Compilation series.


Künstler: Various Artists
Titel: Salsa.It Compilation 8 / Various
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Release-Datum: 17.09.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 8032942520331