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Surfing in the Dark

Surfing in the Dark

  • Von Ron Beach
  • Version 01.11.2011
  • Musikgenre Surf
  • Medienformat CD
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All songs composed by Ron & Sue Beach except Your Tears by Ron Beach. Music & Lyrics © Ron & Sue Beach 2011 Recorded & Produced by Ron Beach at Surf Tunes Studio Ron Beach: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, lap steel guitar, Fender Rhodes piano, harmonica, percussion Gabe Beach: percussion on 'This Broken Heart,' 'Surfing In the Dark,' & 'Your Tears' Sue Beach: background vocals on 'Lullaby' & 'In The Gloaming' I am thinking back now to the long evenings spent with Sue writing and revising lyrics and music. Sometimes a word, sometimes a phrase, and sometimes the song/story went in an unanticipated direction. Stories of life sometimes do that. We wrote 'Summer Fields' at a cottage in southern Indiana on the Ohio River where we go often. It is so very peaceful there, a good place to write. This tune has been knocking around for a couple of years now and has become a favorite of mine. 'This Broken Heart' is a song that just came out of me one morning while I was working in the studio. My lyrics didn't really tell the story I wanted, but as always, Sue was able to mold the words so the real meaning came through. The music for 'In the Gloaming' was inspired by my listening to Fairport Convention and the guitar work of Richard Thompson. I'm not sure that anyone listening to it will hear the influence; maybe it is just in my heart. 'Champagne at Sunset' is a song that started out to be a love song and midway through took a dark turn. Sue says I should just let you look it up, but the Scuppernong is a blackwater river that flows to Albemarle Sound in North Carolina and leads to the Outer Banks and the ocean, a most special place for Sue and me, and the inspiration for much of our work. 'No Time to Kill' came about because I just wanted to do some rock and roll and play drums. 'Make Me Believe' - Love can make us hide the truth from ourselves, and sometimes that is a good thing, but usually not. I think 'Lullaby' is one of Sue's best pieces of poetry. I don't think I changed a word. A grandmother's love song. 'Surfing in the Dark' sprang from an actual encounter on the beach, and quickly became the defining metaphor of these last few years. When young you're pretty sure you have it all figured out, but in later life with wisdom (hopefully) gained, you realize that there is a lot more to this life than you can ever know. You need to just face the fear and head into the darkness. 'Your Tears' was inspired by life and true love. It came through me and on to the page complete. My thoughts on this music are not meant to reveal any hidden meanings; you will have to find the meaning inside yourself. I hope that there is enough depth and space here that you can write your own stories between these notes and words. Ron Beach, 2011.


Künstler: Ron Beach
Titel: Surfing in the Dark
Genre: Surf
Release-Datum: 01.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767954922