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I Believe

I Believe

  • Von Rolf Ebitsch
  • Version 15.03.2011
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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"I believe in God and Elvis" "Do you know that if you come from the place that I'm from, you wouldn't have very many chances of a wonderful life." A dreary little town with lots of industry and a few suburbs that are even worse. When you grow up by your parents, who have to work day and night just to keep the family above water, this is the best background for songs taken from everyday life. Songs that have a soul and come deep from the heart. Motivated by the longing for luck and contentment. He spent his childhood days in a part of town called the "Untere Vorstadt" or the "Down Side of Town" where one can only defend himself with fisted hands and learning what anger and tears are. Despite all of this, Rolf was relieved that he had his family with all of it's responsibilities. This way, he could use all of his time and energy towards his songs. "My head was always full with musical ideas ever since I learned to walk, I just had to learn to realize them." He still missed the trusted family life terribly, something that he grew to know by his friends at home. This deficite of love made him so mad, so rebellingly strong, one of the deeply laid reasons why Rolf became engrossed with his songwriting. It distracted him from the fact of being alone so often. Getting caught up with his music helped to repress his needs and wishes. "If I would have grown up in a 'normal family', none of what happened would have happened." He realized, already in primary school, that all the kids were placed into the slots in our society. The only chance to break out of the system back then was to simply go ones own way. Even then, he knew that he had talent and was smarter than all the rest. All the heads of the families wanted that their children be good in school and later on study at some university or higher school in order to be doctors, dentists, teachers or lawyers.... - Singer-Songwriter -, no, you can't get through life being a songwriter. Such people are all daydreamers, drinkers and losers. But the art of songwriting also needs pain. The adults don't have confidence in one maybe due to the fact that they themselves never had the chance to go their own way. But one should be allowed time, time to develop his own thoughts, to follow his own emotions and to go his God given way. "I am happy that I never studied, although as a teenager I was enrolled in the Fine Arts School. I believe that it took all of this to make my songs what they are today. All the "working class" roughness, all that is unpolished and the deepness of my dreams and yearnings, it stole my character and I probably would have ended up as a jazz musician, or perhaps as a studio musician or even part of one of those terrible cover bands." He always wanted to play "Rock 'n Roll" music, the only thing that interested him in life. Music brought him to England and through music, he not only met a lot wonderful people but became the person that he is today, a magnificent songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. "I believe that today I would be dead, or at least half-dead like all these cold and prudish common people, if it wasn't for my music." Rock 'n Roll is like a drug that makes you high, it let's you feel all these feelings, the sailing and soaring out of reality and drives you on to use your feelings and your mind. "Music is reality for me." When Rolf was nine years old, he saw the Beatles in a television show and knew that this was the best thing in the entire world. His life's way should be exactly like this and have the exploding passion, the wild and ever so intime strength that the Fab Four also had. "Now my destiny was sealed."


Künstler: Rolf Ebitsch
Titel: I Believe
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 15.03.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502762952
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