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Way to the Light

Way to the Light

  • Von Daucher Roland
  • Version 17.08.2010
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Roland Daucher: Way to the Light "It's time for the good times", how true. In times like these, characterised as they are by catastrophes, war and crises of various kinds, it is often only good music that can keep us going and help us not to despair. Music that energizes, and, free from cynicism, holds up for us what is beautiful in life. "Way to the Light", Roland Daucher's debut album has all this to offer and much more. The eleven songs go their own musical way and surprise with their delicately woven sonic pattern of rock-pop-jazz-blues-latin . With "Way to the Light" the singer and guitarist, who wrote all the music and lyrics himself, offers us an album with a solid groove and with songs that could easily become good friends. Once you have got to know them, you will not tire of listening to them again and again. But who is Roland Daucher, who is so ably accompanied by such prominent musicians as Harri Stojka, Gerald Schuller and Jörg Mikula on his debut album? How autobiographical are his lyrics? Roland: "Most songs might sound more autobiographical then they really are. I prefer using images to being direct. Everyone can experience the song with his or her own imagination." The album opens with "Good Times", a song that soars to great heights thanks to the groove, characteristic melody and innovative style of Harri Stojka. "This feeling of flight" is also the essence of track number two, called "Natural Woman" and with the next song, the band shows their versatility and virtuosity when they pay homage to good old swing on their way to the light. Energy grows - love gives you the power - also in the next song, "Angel Coming". Here we hear a more quiet side of Roland on acoustic guitar, until in the song "Difference" Mr. Stojka leaves us breathless with an amazing guitar solo. Let's stay with the other musicians for a while: Gerald Schuller plays Hammond organ and keyboards - inspired and inspiring as always. He shows once again that he is one of the best pianists and keyboarders in Austria. Nina Hiesberger on bass, Jörg Mikula on drums and percussion and Robin Gillard on percussion - that is the perfect match for the rest of the band. Ernestine Halbwidl is the powerful voice in the background and Franz Hiesberger gives three songs the little bit extra with his expressive way of playing saxophone. So, how autobiographical are Roland Daucher's lyrics then? "Two Days" is an exception on this album: the lyrics are autobiographical and tell a story. "Touch the Sky", in contrast, is full of imagery, highlighted by the enraptured flute of Nina Hiesberger. The song most influenced by rock is "Present for the World", another exception in four different languages. With the brilliant song "Painter" Roland Daucher dives down into latin and then soars with "Fly" into the dreams of future, present and past. The last moment of the album is "Sleeping on my Bed" and offers a special pop-moment full of atmosphere from a musician who generally does not court modern musical sentiments. For that alone "Way to the Light" is not shackled to trends, but is, rather, a life-affirming attitude that revolves around feel-good words like joy and light-heartedness. Roland Daucher shows everyone who listens "the way to the light". (German original: Manfred Horak/English version: Nadia Baha and Andrew Poulter)


Künstler: Daucher Roland
Titel: Way to the Light
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 17.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 9005216007080
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