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Child of God

Child of God

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The best way to describe my music is Reggae gospel. In other words it is full gospel music delivered in heavy reggae rhythms. I have always been a reggae artist, having a touch of both roots and dancehall. It has always been my ambition to record a full gospel album, and this is it. Those who are used to my music will realize that I have dished this album maintaining my usual style in both instrumentation and vocal delivery. The rhythms are rootsie with a blend of modern touches. The lyrics are highly inspired and spiritually charged and as some put it, irresistible, track after track. In' Party in Heaven ' I visualized a Party going on in heaven with Jesus as the celebrant and star. Only the righteous were allowed in. Angels were singing to his glory and no bad guy was admitted. 'Child of God' affirms my belief in The Almighty God and that I am his Child despite what my detractors would say. This track is delivered in the Nigerian style pidgin English and a lot of people might find it very unique and Fela-like. Hosanna would be a kind of Easter song urging God's children to rejoice because Christ has conquered the world.' Christ is the only way ' is one of those inspirational songs that make people think about where they'd be if they're called home tomorrow or even now. On the day of my album launch I opened with the accapella version which I titled 'meditation version' and it was an instant hit with the guests. It was as if the Holy Ghost descended and I saw everyone on their feet waving hands in the air. I couldn't believe it. My Muslem friend, Donzo says there's something about that song he cannot understand and he finds himself singing the lyrics most times. He was even the one who advised me last minute to open with it on the day of my album launch. I reluctantly agreed after some persuation and I was surprised it was a big hit amongst the invitees and they never stopped talking about it. I believe you also will like it. 'My Savior' gives glory to Jesus Christ as my Savior and redeemer. A friend, Nathan, said when he looked at the album cover and saw the title 'Nuclear Weapon' he quickly wanted to know how this could be gospel, but he was pleasantly surprised. The message in this track is that with the crazy world leaders and their nuclear arms race Cosmocide is eminent (Cosmocide is the extermination of the enire human race) and only Jesus can rescue mankind. I wrote 'Victory' after what I suffered in the hands of my ex wife. She destroyed everything I ever owned and left me thinking all kinds of evil thoughts and if I did not have good parents and brothers and sisters who kept calling me and begging me to think about them before doing anything stupid, maybe I would have gone the way of some other men today. My pain and anger developed into bleeding uclcer and I almost lost my life. This song is thanksgiving and praise to God for giving me victory over not being pushed to do those things that our natural instinct wants us to do such as revenge. I love the instrumental versions of 'Victory' and 'Nuclear Weapon' so much that I can't stop listening to them. That's why I decided to include them so you too can enjoy them, hopefully as much as I do or even more.


Künstler: The Ras General
Titel: Child of God
Genre: Reggae
Release-Datum: 03.01.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501640077