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  • Von Radik
  • Version 10.08.2010
  • Musikgenre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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An album full of life and beauty. 'Pêra' is Radik's musical work debut and is a collection of 10 songs, all of which were composed by Radik. The first song, which is also the album tittle, 'Pêra', is an acoustic guitar and voice piece with a flute solo and demonstrates Radik's ability with his very percussive guitar playing, melodic singing and happy lyrics. 'Amor Nagô' is the second song and is played on a 6/8 African rhythm and incorporates from instruments such as electric bass, hammond, congas and agogô, to the finger style guitar playing performed by Radik. The lyrics is in Portuguese and it's main focuses are peace, nature, beauty and, of course, love. 'Lendo a Seção Brasil' is a Samba/Bossa Nova composition with acoustic guitar, orchestra strings and a beautiful piano solo. The string arrangements are of great taste and the lyrics expresses indignation about how the journalistic media tends to misrepresent the reality. The fourth composition is named 'Região' and it is a homage to the forests and the wild life. Although it's inspiration was the Amazon and the Brazilian wet lands (Pantanal), the idea is to represent nature and wilderness through music, something that is not confined to a specific location in the world. The string and flute arrangements as well as Radik's vocal emotion to interpret the song are high points to listen to in this piece. 'Transmutante' comes next and Radik's percussive guitar and vocal abilities are the main characteristics of this acoustic composition. The lyrics gathers different images to express freedom and change. The sixth song is called 'Solfejo', which means voicing, and it features a very funky bass line, soulful keyboards, acoustic guitar and voice. It has a 'beach' vibe that brings to the foreground Rio de Janeiro's coastal way of life. 'Carná' is Carnival!! It is a tribute to Rio de Janeiro's 'blocos' and samba schools, in a funky manner! A tribute to this happy and wonderful city! 'Coração Brilhante' is a great romantic oath of love and it features Radik's clear and melodic guitar, and voice, with a wonderful and surprising ending. A beautiful acoustic piece, 'Literatura de Cordel' is featured by a blend of strumming and finger style guitar playing, emotional singing an a deep, but clear, metaphoric lyrics, which represents a cross between personal and social life experiences. Finishing the album, 'Pêra Remix' is a very dancing version of the first song in this album. Besides the acoustic guitar and voice, this composition mixes electronic instruments playing different Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Afoxé and Maracatú. Radik's 'Pêra' is an album to be listened to again and again!!!


Künstler: Radik
Titel: Para
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Release-Datum: 10.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501374408
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