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Solid Ground

Solid Ground

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Hailing from Boston, "Solid Ground" is Peter's first solo recording. Three years in the making, the record is a blend of pop, straight up rock 'n' roll, and mid-tempo numbers which feature Peter on vocals, drums, percussion and backing vocals. Peter was backed by several talented Boston musicians on the project. The record was recorded at Kissy Pig Studios in Allston, MA with K.R. Mogensen (Upper Crust, The Big Disappointments, Vinyl Skyway). It was mixed by Pete Peloquin (Pixies, Oasis, Mission of Burma) at Studio Metronome and mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Master Suite (Blondie, Monster Magnet). The album has earned strong press reviews from The Boston Globe, The Big Takeover, Amplifier Magazine, The Noise, Absolute Power Pop, and Indiepages among others. Here's a sample of what they have to say: 'This is really a quintessential power pop album; if you were to look up 'power pop' in the dictionary, there ought to be a picture of this disc staring you back in the face.' -AbsolutePowerPopBlog '...classic pop songwriting style mixing bits 'n' pieces of Matthew Sweet, late-era Replacements, and 'Goat Heads Soup'-era Stones.' 'Feel-good late-'70s early-'80s power pop chock-full of hooky riffage and blame-free attitude.' '...a worthy addition to the canon of Boston rock 'n' roll.' -The Noise 'Baldrachi, drummer for Krushr - a band that released a self-titled EP in 2003 - proved on this debut LP that going solo was a wise decision. He's composed a superb and crackling power-pop LP that overflows with catchy melodies and exquisite harmonies. It compares favorably to artists like The Posies, Matthew Sweet, Cosmic Rough Riders (and Daniel Wylie's solo records), and yes, even Big Star. Perhaps it's not so unexpected when one considers the influences listed on his MySpace page. The style is in his blood. Baldrachi mans the skins and compiles a splendid collection of backing players including colorful guitarist Gary Rand and gorgeous vocalist Alice Austin. Each expertly crafted song resonates right down to the sighing, swooning choruses on the beautiful, Teenage Fanclub - like closer 'What Do You Want From Me.'' - Mark Suppanz 'The Big Takeover' "Talk about a transformation. After manning the skins for Boston's Krushr, a hard-rock outfit that drew comparisons to everybody from Nirvana to Queens of the Stone Age, drummer-turned-singer-songwriter Peter Baldrachi turned down the volume and turned up the melody. The result is his solo debut, "Solid Ground," whose wistful charm and warmly ragged pop hooks owe far more to Paul Westerberg than Kurt Cobain. The ground Baldrachi's standing on these days may not be as rock hard, but it's a lovely landscape with a gorgeous view." - Jonathan Perry "The Boston Globe" 'Peter Baldrachi evokes the usual suspects on his solo debut, summoning up the spirit of '60s Brit rockers and '70s retro revivalists. As a relative newcomer - he previously recorded occasionally with the Boston band Krushr - Baldrachi seems remarkably assured, thanks in large measure to a power pop instinct that's unfailingly infectious and unceasingly compelling. In fact, he may be the most commanding singer/drummer since Dave Clark, although his swagger and sneer position him closer in stance to John Lennon and early Elvis Costello. Solid Ground is more than merely a one-man show; cooing harmonies, relentless riffing and effusive melodies provide a consistent surge throughout. Nevertheless, Baldrachi anchors the undertow with assurance and precision, from the tumultuous stomp of album opener "Solid Ground," through to the driving pulse of "A Better Place" and the didactic delivery of "Making Sense." Even so, the band's at it's best when they tow a melodic middle ground, whether it's the gentle Byrds-like swoon of "What Do You Want from Me" or the gentle sway of "Breakdown." Mostly, it's a sense of instant familiarity that pervades the set as a whole, as if Baldrachi has harnessed the classic sounds of the past four decades and repurposed them with his instincts and ambitions. As it's title implies, Solid Ground is a solid beginning. By glimpsing back at the past, Baldrachi can look forward to a future that seems all but assured.'-Lee Zimmerman 'Amplifier Magazine' 'His music is sublime and serene with floating melodies, often utilizing a straight-forward guitar-centric pop hook approach that's simply delectable!' - 'The music is a hodge podge of various typical power pop styles, from the crunchy sound of the title track and 'Start It Up Again' to the heartbroken Beatlesesque jangle of 'You're Gonna Miss Me Someday' to the country-influenced twang of 'Breakdown' and 'Wait In Vain'. But even with the variety of styles, Peter and his band go from one to the other with ease, bringing the record together quite nicely. That, and the strong songwriting, make this a fine debut album!' -


Künstler: Peter Baldrachi
Titel: Solid Ground
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 19.12.2006
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 837101276955