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Gone Beyond

Gone Beyond

  • Von Perplexa
  • Version 11.01.2011
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Perplexa soundtracks unseen realms. An intertwining of celebration and tragedy. A symphonic, tribal trance carved out with ethereal guitar, luminescent strings and epic, hypnotic grooves. Perplexa is an American psychedelic band rooted in Detroit's space rock movement of the previous century. The oufit came together as an experimental basement collaboration in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1994. Band founder and percussionist Jonathan Wald, together with guitarist Robert Schurgin (W.I.G., West Indian Girl) and bassist Jenny Schmid, recorded and released the first self titled album in 1997 followed by the 'This Glorious Forward' EP in 1998. Wald and Schurgin were then joined by cellist Phil Myers for the group's third release, 'The Sun and the Moon Getting It On", released in 1999. The group enjoyed growing acclaim for it's intense rhythms, dreamy moods, dark textures and indefinable 'other.' After relocating to Los Angeles, Wald and Schurgin began to create their most expansive and ambitious recording yet, 'Gone Beyond.' Years in the making, this long anticipated new release again features cellist Phil Myers, as well as bassist Chris Camacho (Forest for the Trees), bassist William B. Caruthers (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Spectrum, Freelovebabies), vocalist Lucia Iman, violinist Alix Koromzay, pianist Gordon Bowen, vocalist Eliza Doria, and bassist Jenny Schmid. This most recent incarnation sees Perplexa evolved into a bizarre, atmospheric creature with cellos for talons and drums for a tongue. Jonathan Wald's oddly lyrical percussion style elevates this underground band's 4th album to a point of enchantment. This is the group's masterpiece. The music is beautiful, fascinating, bold and complex. Perplexa bears it's soul with an outside voice, presented as luscious sculptures of progressive, chamber psychedelia. The band considers itself an instrumental outfit, where even the vocals that do appear seem to hang in a wordless, exotic ambience. 'Gone Beyond' is a powerful musical exploration; a passionate creative expression born from the marriage of exhilarating joy and devastating depression, translated into something strange and wondrous and, quite literally, awesome. -Thomas Jones Gone, Gone, Gone beyond, gone utterly beyond. Oh, what an Awakening. PeRPLeXa • gone beyond produced by JONATHAN WALD and ROBERT SCHURGIN all music and words written by PeRPLeXa *except words of the Bodhi Svaha ...all songs performed to analog tape all songs c and p 2011 (perplexicmusic / illuminus) engineered by JONATHAN WALD and ROBERT SCHURGIN mixed by JONATHAN WALD at MARIPOSA STUDIOS los feliz, ca additional mixing by BOGDAN HERNIK mastered by DAN HERSCH at D2 MASTERING Los Angeles, ca cover art MUSHROOM TEA by NATTY BROOKER art direction by JONATHAN WALD JONATHAN WALD drumset, hand drums, hammered dulcimer, xylophone, marimba, percussion ROBERT SCHURGIN guitars, voice, synthesizers, bass 2 . 3 . 6 . 8 . 13b additional players PHIL MYERS cello CHRISTOPHER CAMACHO bass 1 . 4 . 5 . 11 . 12 . 14 WILLIAM B. CARRUTHERS bass 7 . 13a LUCIA IMAN voice 4 GORDON BOWEN piano, rhodes 3b . 8 . 11 . 14 ALIX KOROMZAY violin 2 . 6 ELIZA DORIA voice 2 . 3 JENNY SCHMID bass 9.


Künstler: Perplexa
Titel: Gone Beyond
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 11.01.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501413220
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