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Audio Chocolate

Audio Chocolate

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Preis 13,63 €


Like a Whitman's chocolate sampler box Audio Chocolate has something for everyone. It's 10 tracks (4 vocal and 6 instrumental) run the gamut of guitar rock styles from upbeat rocker instrumentals to blues rock, Southern rock and emotional ballads, all loaded with Paul's tasty, feel-laden guitar playing. Special guest soloists include Berklee guitar instructor Jon Finn, session ace/ fusion guitarist/ ex-Neville Bros. Guitarist Shane Theriot, Washington state guitarist Nick Layton and jazz saxophonist John Tutino. Good songwriting and arrangements makes Audio Chocolate appeal to all music fans - not just musicians or guitarists. And the additional color and variety added by the vocals, sax, keys and flute help this CD to avoid the typical 'wall of guitar' sound that many guitarist's solo albums can be. Make no mistake; this is no 'shred' guitar record - it is a collection of great songs featuring guitar. 'I really enjoy a good melody and try to make every song or solo very melodic. My goal when composing is to try and create music which guitar players will like, but that also non-musicians or people who don't normally listen to instrumental guitar music will enjoy too.' - Paul Tauterouff. Reviews: 'Tauterouff does everything right on this rather conventional, yet buoyant and melodic instrumental. His tone is fat and present, he makes judicious use of harmony lines to keep things interesting, and he holds back on the jamming until the end. It's a nice lesson in restraint, and it's also tasty as hell.' - Michael Molenda (Guitar World editor-in-chief) about the song Frozen Heart 'What I really enjoyed was how Paul makes a gentlemanly nod to his influences, rather than wearing them on his sleeve, allowing his own musical voice to shine through....there is more than enough high level guitar (and sax!) work available to satisfy all but the most extreme shred fans. All in all, a very listenable album.' - Guy Onreat ( "Paul has a great ear for melodic and memorable tunes and arrangements. Each tune on his CD is a well crafted song. The music has a vintage-tinted crunch that often brings to mind the work of Gary Moore. Jeff Beck and even some classic metal vibes from the likes of Judas Priest. ... While there is plenty of guitar chops to be had on the record, he always builds his solos with great phrases ... Well done! Sure to please hardcore guitar heads and music fans alike! Highly recommended!" - Carl Roa (solo artist, Magic Elf) 'If you like blues style and cool licks, a mature and solid musical composition with complementation and surprisingly cool guitar licks in Gary Moore meets Michael Schenker style you'll like this...... anyone who likes hard rock and blues guitar will definitely not waste their cash buying this album.' - Mark Thompson ( 'Paul Tauterouff is a man of many talents, and he clearly demonstrates them in this album. Too often, musicians get stuck in their routines. An A Minor riff here, a few power chords there, and a Mixolydian guitar solo to finish it off. Paul is not afraid to step out of bounds and give you something new with each song. He does this in a variety of ways, one of which is the pile of guests he brings into the album to provide their own influences into each track.' - Chris Weyers ( 'Ingesting some 'Audio Chocolate' here in LA LA Land. OMG Paul -- you are amazing!' - Donna Z. (professional guitar teacher)


Künstler: Paul Tauterouff
Titel: Audio Chocolate
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 21.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501388993
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