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  • Von Paul Cowell
  • Version 28.09.2010
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 14,83 €


ALBUM "CREATED" Biography by King's Kid Music/NGC WHO is this new vibrant Artist? Mr. Paul Cowell was born in Kingston Jamaica in a small area of the island called August Town and grew up there until he became a young adult. His experiences during his growing up years were very challenging and what most people would call 'Living on the Edge'. Paul's induction in to the music world was a natural gravitation...he love to sing!. His desire for music drew him into the Reggae Dance Hall atmosphere. His passion grew more as he continue to sing in dance halls, parties, weddings, on stage shows etc.. He did his first cover version recording at a studio in Kingston Jamaica, then travelled to Canada several times doing more recordings and record distribution for the producer he had worked with. Due to hard times in Canada, he would continue singing where ever he was invited. Surely, His life took a turn, and Paul migrated to the United States Of America under some very non-standard circumstances. Weeks after his Arrival to the States, he turned his life over to Jesus Christ and became involved in a church organization and started learning about God and His Word. His understanding grew as he applied the knowledge he continued to received daily of His Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, God's Word. His whole life started to change for the Better. Mr. Cowell was introduced into the world of Gospel and Praise music in the living room of a dare brother in Christ and friend, who encourage him to exercise the gift he had naturally. Paul Cowell had found his true purpose in this life, to sing songs to the glory of God and to teach God's Word to who will listen. The Pastor of the church (S.T.C.C.) allowed him to sing in the choir and lead the praise team. This new position open doors for him to travel to several different great congregations across America, singing and praising God for His Goodness and Love. It was confirmed to Paul in several church service that God had called him and Anointed him to be a Psalmist and to teach. He continued faithfully to sing the songs of other gospel singers where ever he was invited, until the season came when the Lord told him to start writing his own songs. From that moment until now, Paul and others continue to listen to the voice of our Lord Jesus for the Words HE (GOD) directs them to write and sing. Paul Cowell always say 'Jesus has placed a desire in my heart to fulfill the completion of seven music albums whereby this album is the first of many to come. It is my sincere desire that you would apply the words of these songs to your life, while enjoying the musical creation. In this musical age that we live in presently, the air waves has been dominated by demonic inspired music which has been impacting our world. They create confusion and all kinds of negative vibes in this last generation of both youth and adults alike. The words we chose to listen to can both inspire to do good or trick us in doing evil. It is always a sensational feeling when you can sit, sing along and enjoy the Words from this new album "CREATED" knowing that you and the entire family will be inspired always through the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ. In these songs.


Künstler: Paul Cowell
Titel: Created
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 28.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501373395
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