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Remnants of Fallen Walls

Remnants of Fallen Walls

  • Von Pajammas
  • Version 31.01.2012
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Recorded in the top floor of a Fort Worth warehouse during July 2011. It was hot. We drank a lot of Keystone. Brandon Boehme - Bass, Acoustic Blake Brown - Drums Ryan Danford - Guitar, Vocals Owen Kinser - Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic Recorded and Engineered by Andy Gomoll Mixed by Rockwell Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Studios - Dallas, Tx Gang Vocals on tracks 1 & 5 by Corbin Santana and D'adrian Allen Backing Vocals on track 6 by Emily Bryant Art - Matthew Szal Layout & Logo - aleXie Review by Josiah Hunter of Music You Should Know The Pajammas' Remnants of Fallen Walls by Music You Should Know on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 11:02pm It's been a while since I've reviewed an album. I sadly fell off the track of completing my suggested list of albums, but I've still been delving further into music. Recently, I've been trying to discover more bands in my local scene, but at the same time I desperately wanted to avoid listening to multiple versions of the same generic hardcore band. That led me to what I'm reviewing now. The Pajammas are a self-proclaimed Punk Rock/Progressive Ska act, and just from hearing that, I was excited to listen to some local music with some originality. They didn't disappoint, and I was overall very impressed with Remnants. The 6-song album is based around the story of Troy, but definitely caught my interest more than the Brad Pitt film. I've never really heard a band successfully sing names like Poseidon, Myrmidons, Achaeans, Palinurus, Carthage, and Dardanian, but vocalists Owen Kinser and Ryan Danford both pronounce the words melodically and simultaneously craft attention-grabbing storylines. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but any band that creates lines like 'He died so calm, but in disguise, he died so calm, no fear in eyes' impresses me. An especially chilling track is Ramus Aureus, which merges a dark storyline of murder with an equally dark musical theme, which jumps around and augments the lyrics. Remnants impresses me with it's correlation between the lyrics and music. The guitar riffs are crisp, and the talent of melody-writing comes out right away, with the mellow guitar harmonies in the opening seconds of Our Regards leading into the frantic punk progression that drives the rest of the track. The second track shows some nice ska balance between a clean rhythm guitar, some distorted leads and a very Them Crooked Vultures-esque solo near the end, and a very awesome bass track that I'm more inclined to call a bass-lead than a bass-line. Throughout the album the drums are solid, and the back and forth between driving rhythms and mellow breaks grab your attention minute by minute. While the EP sticks to a pretty even ska/punk feel, The Pajammas prove that their already versatile talents expand beyond typical elements of their genre to embrace moments like Interlude's calm-sea-at-midnight feel, or Out Towards The Sea, the acoustic outro to the album. This album goes by fast, but gives so much worth listening to that it invites multiple listens- I'm on my fourth run-through right now. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a whole lot about ska and punk, so I might not be able to rank this album against the greatest of it's kind, but I know an enjoyable, talented album that's had a lot of work put into it when I hear one, and The Pajammas' Remnants of Fallen Walls is definitely one of those albums. I highly recommend giving it several listens, and buying it on their bandcamp, which can be found through their Facebook page that I've conveniently tagged in this review!


Künstler: Pajammas
Titel: Remnants of Fallen Walls
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 31.01.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 845121043648