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Reflections-Portraits from the Life of Christ

Reflections-Portraits from the Life of Christ

  • Von Oasis Chorale
  • Version 02.11.2010
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 18,99 €


Who could have guessed, when God pronounced a delighted, "It is very good!" that this beauty soon would be disastrously twisted and marred? Yet the Creator was not taken by surprise, for He already had a plan to salvage a broken creation-the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. And so, after millennia of waiting, a drama of cosmic proportions would unfold on our sin-torn planet, launching the plan to redeem all things to God. This program features a variety of portraits of the Lamb, Jesus. Come . . . let us adore Him! Oasis Chorale is a volunteer choir made up of conservative Christian Anabaptists from the US and Canada. Our typical tour season consists of a long weekend rehearsal in the spring, and a 2-3 week tour in mid summer. Oasis Chorale Mission Statement The mission of Oasis Chorale is to call it's singers and it's audiences to thoughtful worship of the true God through artistic choral music sung skillfully. Like all high callings, thoughtful worship requires focus and effort. Certainly the call to worship is not exclusive to music, but permeates all areas of life. In the context of church music, however, the call to worship calls participants to give careful attention to both words and music. This can be learned and must be taught, and Oasis is committed to this process.Worship cannot be divorced from a heart tuned to God. Oasis seeks participants eager for fully-orbed spiritual development.Not all artistic music is rapidly attainable for all singers or accessible to all audiences. Artistic music usually requires training to be sung excellently and to be listened to with understanding and appreciation. Oasis intends to provide the necessary training to move singers and audiences forward one step in this process.Experiencing beauty in music is powerful, sometimes leaving us more enamored of the music or the performer than with the author of beauty. Indeed, by design beauty evokes from us a response of delight. But the beauty of music is an expression of true beauty; God himself is the essence of true beauty. Thus the focus of Oasis is not merely on the expression of beauty, the music, but on the essence of beauty, Jesus Christ himself. The process of bringing the music to reflect (as closely as possible within time constraints) the beauty of God, is a lengthy process and requires a great deal of commitment. We maintain that musical excellence is not an end in itself, but is a lens through which we strive to see, understand, and relate to God.


Titel: Reflections-Portraits from the Life of Christ
Release-Datum: 02.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501410809
Produkt #: CDBY141080