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Myth or the Legend

Myth or the Legend

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Napoleon Da Legend - The Myth or The Legend (REVIEW) 10/19/2010 Hip Hop Legend Billy Danze of M.O.P. 'When I first checked out Napoleon Da Legend I knew this dude has his appreciation for hip-hop culture. A dope emcee with phenomenal rhymes who spits bars like crazy. As a veteran in the game this is something the new generation needs to bring. Napoleon is fire!' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Napoleon Da Legend - The Myth or The Legend (REVIEW) 10/19/2010 Written by Sigmund's Dope™ This is probably the best half-hour anyone could spend regaining their confidence in hip-hop music. Yes, conquering any flagrant and foul attempts at representing rap is DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) artist Napoleon Da Legend, pushing a sincere yet reminiscent style in his release The Myth or The Legend (EP). Napoleon, whose last ten months on the music scene have proven to be a triumphant period, leaves his skills scattered on all four corners of this 8-track compilation. The artist wastes no time in the delivery, opening with 'Mythologie,' a history-infused track that draws attention to his time capsuled name as one who, along with other infamous names throughout the history of the world, will also be remembered. Napoleon paces perfectly across production from J-Dub the Sound Professor that brings back memories of the opener to Nas's Street Disciple. It all blends perfectly since his delivery is of a past-prophecy of the authentic rap styles of the late 90's. This continues into the following track 'Jewelz Part II' and 'Veni VIdi Vici Part II,' never letting loose of his message: that Napoleon Da Legend is nothing to f%$@ with. The Myth or The Legend displays diversity within the thread of the sound as tracks like 'March to Zion' and 'Jah Don't Lie' drape principle concepts like a robe of artillery on listening minds. 'Get Loose,' a track that seems to be positioned for the women is slightly out of place on a work that is supremely conscious and focused; however, Napoleon doesn't lose nor does he loose fans as the work closes with 'Lost Chapter- The Ascent,' demonstrating his ability to put a period on a statement-driven piece. Although Napoleon uses different producers on every track like Niroshima and Crazy Al Cayne the uniformity of the sound makes his dictation of who he is even more announced as he is able to lead eight different minds toward one common agenda. Without question, there is a reason why Napoleon Da Legend is making his mark on various territories, leaving his work on notorious hip-hop sites such as, HipHopDX and others: his rhymes are supreme. The guy definitely has what it takes to have his name reign in a hip-hop history that is continuously being written. (Sigmund's Dope™ is a registered trademark under EGO Marketing & Branding Constitute™) Track listing: I. Mythologie (prod. By J-Dub the Sound Professor) II. Jewelz Part II (prod. By Soul Theory Productions) III. Veni Vidi Vici Part II (prod. By Life) IV. Ruff Kut Intermission (prod. By Crazy Al Cayne) V. Get Loose (prod. By Frontline Entertainment) VI. March 2 Zion ft. Tweeta Bird (prod. By Niroshima) VII. Jah Don't Lie ft. Sam Suave (prod. By No Wonder) VIII. Lost Chapter I - The Ascent (prod. By Alsoprodby) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BIO He claimed to have coined a new genre of rap music - "Reality Rap". Not feeling that any of the categories or "labels" attributed to rap artists fit his style and personality, Napoleon saw it appropriate to create "Reality Rap" representing a brand new genre for his music. Indeed, blessed with an uncanny versatility, Da Legend makes songs ranging from up-beat pop and dancehall influenced club bangers to deeply introspective social commentary. Much like the historical Napoleon figure, his vision is global as he wishes to propagate his sound and "conquer" the ears of listeners in the four corners of the world. He is currently seeking the right team to materialize his vision and introduce his style of music to the global audience. Napoleon is a tireless perfectionist presently hard at work on his debut album "World Conquest", which he describes as his official introduction to the world stage and music scene. Napoleon hopes his album can cause a paradigm shift in the current music scene like Obama was to the political scene. Da Legend's career has taking him to many states and even different countries where he has performed and collaborated with major artists. Napoleon Da Legend has been featured on AllHipHop, HipHopDX, DubCNN, HipHopRuckas, YoRaps, Sixshots just to name a few. Napoleon's 'Deep Cover' Track and Music Video a tribute to the late Big Pun was co-signed by Jonathan Hay (SONY) and was used in the promotion of BigPunFilms. He recently was featured on the world famous Roundtable Hiphop Show featured on You can now follow him on for up to the minute news on his feats. He will soon be releasing his debut EP "The Myth or the Legend". The Napoleonic era is unraveling in front of your very eyes. Discography All are tracks streaming on -line: HipHopDX/ ALLHipHop/ YoRaps/ Sixshots. (released in the past 3 months)


Künstler: Napoleon Da Legend
Titel: Myth or the Legend
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release-Datum: 26.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501401463
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