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Time Surfing

Time Surfing

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Preis 12,99 €


I live in an alternate universe where music can be anything you or I would like it to be. There are no rules or regulations to expression. Music is a form of expression, therefore, rules hold no ground in my universe. I'm not trying to label myself a rebel, or a rule breaker. I'm simply implying that you will not find any set of guidelines to my music. What is true for one piece of music may not be true for another, and one song should never be judged based on the merits of another. I believe a sound philosophy is important in creating interesting music. Not a philosophy in the same way as saying "I think, therefore I am," because I would never say that, as so many people do not think at all, and yet, they still are. My philosophy for this album was to find a feeling, a raw emotion, and make a rhythm in my head to describe it. After that, the idea was to echo that emotion in the most profound way possible, by finding ways to compliment the rhythm that defy all previously conceived notions I had about the feeling. Thus, music was born. I have been writing and recording all of the music on this album since early 2008 spanning to late 2010. During the process, I have continued to add new equipment and instruments to my repertoire, as well as becoming more proficient in the arts of music recording. Therefore, most of the music on this album is from 2010. I had a total of 52 tracks and I cut most of them, leaving the 11 that were to my heart, nearest and dearest, as I hope they may be to yours. I have had help from various friends in creating this album. What I hope is that this adds some variety to the album, such as you would find any day, on a walk to the park. "Variety is the spice of life," they say, but I say variety is the FACT of life. And if you do not hear life in my recordings then, dear people, I will feel I have failed in my mission. This is my debut album, and it is not a perfect creation, but I stand by it strongly. I am very proud of what I have done here, and I hope you are able to reap the delicious and juicy fruit that my labor of love has created. 3 ***important update*** anyone who receives one of the original 50 copies of this CD will have received a 'special edition,' wherein, the track listings on the back are partially incorrect. All you need to do is switch track names #3&4 around, as well as track names #6&7. Correct track list is as follows: 1.)Infinity Impossibility Machine 2.)City Aqueduct 3.)Black Magikk 4.)Intro to Sex Scene 3 5.)Morlock's 10 Steps to Success 6.)Planet Chasers 7.)Buddy System 4.3000 8.)Tortoise Soup 9.)Best Laid Plans of Bots and Squids 10.)Some Fruit 11.)Wanna Frak? thank you! 3.


Künstler: Morlock the Warlock
Titel: Time Surfing
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 19.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 812616011772
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