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Michael Rand Presents Oedipus & the Mammy Jammers

Michael Rand Presents Oedipus & the Mammy Jammers

  • Von Michael Rand
  • Version 07.02.2012
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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The only constructive criticism I got from the first album, Old Dogs -- a Collection of New Interpretations of Vintage Songs from the Rock and Soul Repertoire, was from a lady I knew in high school. She said, "Why don't you do the kind of stuff you used to do?" I took that to mean "fun stuff", the kind of stuff we used to do before Rock & Roll started to take itself seriously. I took her advice to heart. This set was guided by hope to revive the fun that characterizes early Rock & Roll. There is no attempt to evoke social, political, or religious concerns. Almost all of the songs in this set are meant to be fun or funny...or both. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, "Appealing to teenage angst is like shooting fish in a barrel." Following is an annotated set list: The Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett meets 'Amazing Gracie' - Oedipus has a set of bagpipes, but the only song he knows is, of course, Amazing Grace. We had to fit it in there somehow. Mary Lou I once had a crush on a girl named Mary Lou, but it was totally unrequited - totally! So Fine * This song was written and recorded by a group called The Fiestas. It's just a fun song--great for harmonizing. Peggy Sue ** This song was written and recorded by Buddy Holly and the Crickets. As you know, Buddy was killed in a plane crash over fifty years ago; but The Crickets are still recording. They don't sing anymore; they just rub their legs together. If I Only Had ... (The Nerdy Scarecrow) - I worked my way through college and grad school doing comedy. I sang parodies of all the popular folk songs of the 'Sixties, which is now referred to as the Age of The Folk Scare. I still can't stop making up parodies. Smokey Joe's Café With the possible exception of Lennon & McCartney, the greatest songwriting team in Rock & Roll history was Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. Most of their stuff like Charlie Brown, Poison Ivy, and Jailhouse Rock was flat out fun and fun to perform. Fortunate Son I believe this song was written and recorded by a guy named Clarence Creekwater. It just goes to show that Oedipus and the boys are just a bunch of frizzy-headed, lefty, pinko peace freaks. So? My Girl (Temptations Island, mon) - We tried to put a little bit of reggae into this old Motown chestnut. Oh Lonesome Me This song was written by Country legend Don Gibson. Idol With The Golden Head See Smokey Joe's Café (above). It Was A Very Good Year (Sinatra in Lumpyland) *** One verse in the original version reads: When I was thirty-five It was a very good year. It was a very good year For blue-blooded girls Of independent means. We rode in limousines. Their chauffeurs would drive. When I was thirty-five. Well, there ain't no blue-blooded girls, and there ain't no limousines in Lumpyland (The Blue Ridge Highlands); just buffalo girls and pickup trucks. Tequila (The Oedipus Jam) The first time we ever did this song was at a variety show at George Washington High School in 1958. Also on the bill that night was a girl named Ellen Cohen, who would later be known as Cass Elliot. * Choral music provided by the Norman Mackerelsnapper Choir ** Backup vocals provided by Christine B. *** Orchestral music provided by the Greater Woolwine Philharmonic.


Künstler: Michael Rand
Titel: Michael Rand Presents Oedipus & the Mammy Jammers
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 07.02.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 632185517129