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Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents

Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents

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In the words of Alfred Hitchcock I am here to, 'provide you with the marginalia'. If you wish to get straight to the point, listen to the music. If you wish to be formally introduced to the music of Michael Schaefer-Murray, allow me this small passage to accomodate you. I only emphasize that you listen to his music yourself. You will need no convincing that Michael Schaefer-Murray is an outstanding guitarist. This is the very first thing that will catch your attention. Great athletes are 'all ball, all the time', and Michael is without a doubt 'all guitar, all the time'. But the listener will notice that Michael does not merely present guitar composition. Michael does not make an attempt to blow you away with acrobatic displays as if they stand alone on their own merit. No, Michael does much better. Michael Schaefer-Murray presents song. Michael's guitar is his orchestra. In the end it is the vehicle that delivers his message. Michael Schaefer-Murray has something to say. Your ear is the canvass. His paintbrush is his guitar. Michael presents the very essence of inspiration and encouragement through his songs. He presents us with a true gift; music that flows from a deep source. On the surface Michael's music is a refreshing reminder of the hey-day of the blues-based power trios of the late 1960's. A closer look reveals a taste for the best of 60's pop, romantic classical music, and an inherent and masterful understanding of American music's unique heritage, the Blues. Michael Schaefer-Murray presents fabulous music that defies the demographics of generation, class, popular sentiment, and genre. There is nothing superficial about it; Michael's music touches his listeners.


Künstler: Michael Schaefer-Murray
Titel: Michael Schaefer-Murray Presents
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 02.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501404440
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