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Light of Naam

Light of Naam

  • Von Megan Chaskey
  • Version 27.03.2012
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Medienformat CD
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This exciting new release of three meditation length sacred music tracks by MEGAN CHASKEY (vocals and flute) features Grammy Award winning cellist, DAVID DARLING, as well as other musicians on Celtic harp, guitar, bass and percussion. This album brings you ancient mantras through Megan Chaskey's angelic vocals in masterful new arrangements by award winning SCOTT PETITO (also on guitar and bass) of NRS Recording Studios in Catskill, NY. Megan Chaskey, poet, musician, teacher and healing practitioner, realizes here a dream to create sacred music in collaboration with musicians whose soulful playing animates the divine healing in music. These mantras come from the powerful tradition of Naam, or the Sacred Sound Current, which sages and spiritual masters have honored for centuries to balance the elements and channel the cosmic forces in order to raise their frequency to higher states. Harmonizing the self with the angelic realms brings healing on all levels of one's being, bringing more peace, love and light into everyone's lives as we move towards the grace of a new era. DAVID DARLING: Grammy Award winning cellist/composer and founder of Music For People, shines as an innovative composer, improvisational musician and educator whose performance and composition draws from a wide variety of styles, including classical, jazz, Brazilian, African, and Indian music. Darling has produced numerous solo and small ensemble albums as well as collaborative works in performance and film. In 2009 David Darling and Mickey Houlihan released "Prayer for Compassion" that was awarded the Grammy for Best New Age Album of 2010. Darling has collaborated with choreographers, dancers, and healing arts pratitioners, including Tai Chi master, Chungliang Al Huang, as well as with the Wulu Bunun, a group of Taiwanese aborigines. Darling has performed and recorded with artists such as Paul Winter, Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Paul Horn, Steve Kuhn and Bobby McFerrin. Percussion by MIKE GUGLIELMO: When Mike was ten, his parents, Angelo & Grace Guglielmo, surprised him with a blue sparkle Slingerland drum set. Prior to this, he had created music with anything he could find: pots and pans, and metal garbage cans. At night, he drummed the street corner post office mailbox and stop sign; the trees gave him living drum-sticks. Mike explored harmonics and created melodies with the tones in Queens & Manhattan neighborhood wrought iron fences and metal sculptures. He discovered how his musical expression took flight, interacting with blessed nature sounds. He improvised rhythmically with bird songs, Kissena Park chorus frogs, and the leaves rustled by the steady wind as well as the symphony of ocean waves. After 9/11/2001 Mike answered an inner call, and went to Molloy College for a degree in Music Therapy. Presently, he is a board-certified Music Therapist serving children in special education public school settings. This three track album comes as an appetizer for the upcoming longer sacred music album, Naam Radiance, due for release in the summer, 2012.


Künstler: Megan Chaskey
Titel: Light of Naam
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 27.03.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767400337