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Aldeia Afro Tupy

Aldeia Afro Tupy

  • Von Marko Andrade
  • Version 21.12.2010
  • Musikgenre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Afro-Tupy is our village, filled with poetic language and force of sound, that somehow puts us out of our current control system. This system that turns individuals into mere reproducers of the foul, and rotten social order, that the new configuration of capitalism imposes on us. We are clearly in contradiction in this model, because it denies us the possibility of existence of another life in society, and establishes the absolute. Almost always smiling, and in a subtle, but inherently persistant, way that is loaded with cruelty and perversions. We are holders of another possible social life, of a perspective of the world through a different aesthetic. Living in the suburban peripherals is where we learned our sound. The winged african Tupy, became our fearless guide, and gave birth to a particular notion of a reformed Brazil. A more dynamic Brazil that becomes a tenacious player in a political economic structure, growing in global culture, and rooted in academic knowledge Our village is African Tupy and provides to us rebellion, and power, and art, and and affection. Our Village holds a huge range of personal and collective movements we call "Tamanhodo dream". In our village we are given the freedom and interaction of the material and spiritual worlds. Faith is in the knowledge that we gather the vital energy produced, in the endless cycles of evolution. Our village has a color, our village sings, our village dances, and our village speaks of hope. In our village lives Afro-Tupy Marko Andrade.


Künstler: Marko Andrade
Titel: Aldeia Afro Tupy
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Release-Datum: 21.12.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 7890045520921
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