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Peaks 'N' Valleys

Peaks 'N' Valleys

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Hi, Thanks for checking out our album released in 2010. If you happen to be a baseball fan, listen 1st to track #13 entitled 'Baseball Astronomical'. We feel it's every bit as good as another Baseball Song of ours entitled 'The Baseball Song'. However, this newer one is more up-tempo. Give it a listen. 'Peaks n Valleys' was our 1st full album release. It focuses a lot on country styled music, both country-rock and country ballad. But please, we want you to be the judge as this is certainly not mainstream country. We have many music influences and styles that we write in. Our next album will be very different, incorporating more jazzish roots. Below you will find a list of the songs on 'Peaks n Valleys' with a brief description of what they are about or styled after. We hope you are delighted. Malahoff & Sanderson 'PEAKS N VALLEYS' 'You're Out of Sight' - a happy pop tune. 'It Ain't Me'- a get-down southern-styled self-analysis. 'Candy' - country with Spanish styling. About an unforgettable seniorita and the amigo who can't forget her. 'Look at Me' - a country/rocker about being true to yourself. 'Blind Man Walk Away' - Dylanesque ballad. 'Sunday Blues' - old fashioned 60s Rock n roll. 'Barnyard Stomp' - instrumental with bluegrass flavor, so yummy! 'You Got the Country' - a salute to country music, start tappin' your shoes. A great show tune. 'Walkin Man' - southern country/blues, solitary ballad. 'All Tattered in Blue' - a slightly Zydaco, quirky tune, about being fed-up with it all. 'Tell Me What Your Problem Is' - up-tempo dance tune about a couple trying to patch it up. 'Cattle Country' - a Ventures style country instumental. 'Baseball Astronomical' - a great up-tempo Baseball tune. If you are a baseball fan, this is a must-listen. 'Without Hesitation' - featuring Jessica Van Lingen. A wedding engagement song. 'Cruisin' the Games' - instrumental SPORTS anthem.


Künstler: Malahoff & Sanderson
Titel: Peaks 'N' Valleys
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 26.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502752441
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