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Mabuhay Brass Band

Mabuhay Brass Band

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Brass is one of the metal elements of the earth which has become much a part of man in his rise from animal crudity to human creations. And brass has been a wondrous metal that man continues to transform to music. Brass becoming the trumpets, trombones and flutes that catch the wind and take out from it the sound of music. Brass shaping into cymbals, xylophones and tambourines that take all the beatings of the hands and change them into percussions of harmony. Brass that melts down to music in it's many instrumental shapes and brings out the truth how man can create a melodic unity out of the harsh many. And brass as an instrument of sound has been long a part of the history of Philippine music. Who remembers our ancient ancestors of brown who built their empires of Shri Visaya, their baranggay brotherhood, their rice terraces of mountainous wonder to the communal sound of their brass music? Who recalls the Filipino's Spanish passage in history without forgetting the brass rondallas rendering the danceable jota or the orchestras opening with brassy notes the interludes of the zarzuelas at Teatro Azcarraga or the master Marcelo Adonay introducing the pieces of brass to his first Filipino Church choral ensemble? Who will forget the Revolucion De '96 without remembering the brass proudness of Banda San Francisco de Malabon proclaiming the anthem of the Filipino Republic of June 12, 1896 at Kawit, Cavite? Who nostalgiates on the American era, the Commonwealth period and the debonair Quezon and the legendary Sta. Ana Cabaret without waxing lyrical on the sweet sounds of brass pervading the air of that circa? Who will not remember the War years and the time of Liberation without forgetting that brass was there in the "Mabuhay" classic of the Tirso Cruz Orchestra and brass was the brash salvo in every honky tonk joints and boogie woogie wiggle of the early '50s generation? And brass in the sound of our bands will ever be there in all the barrio fiestas we have ever known, in all the town rondallas we ever will hear, all in all the balikbayan festivities we will go on to be in. All the top brass sounds the Filipinos will ever know from his beginning to the newness of his society today become the living listening experience that this album brings home to them. All in the hands of the Master of Filipino Rondalla sounds today, Juan Silos, Jr. All in the harmony of today's master Filipino rondalla, the Mabuhay Brass Band. All this brass of the Filipino sound now in your hands to play and be part of.


Künstler: Mabuhay Brass Band
Titel: Mabuhay Brass Band
Genre: International
Release-Datum: 09.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 607568601122