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World of Insanity

World of Insanity

  • Von Maalstroom
  • Version 10.01.2012
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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ABOUT THE ALBUM: Most of the songs on this CD started life as product demos for various amplifiers and effects pedals. Over the past few years, I have assisted several companies with designs for new musical products. I also recorded audio and video demo clips for these products. For example, I would be asked to demo an amp by playing "something that sounds like Hendrix". I ended up improvising and playing the main riff for Love Cloud Nine. Several people would then ask me ... "Hey, that was catchy. What song is that?" When I confessed it was not a song but something I had just made up to emulate a certain style, they suggested it would make a good tune. That is how most of these songs were born and developed. As a result, you will no doubt hear the influence of artists like Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen and others when listening to this CD. Originally the tracks were being recorded on analog tape, but when it became evident I would be working with singers, drummers and lyricists scattered around the country; I finally made the jump to modern digital recording. The existing analog tracks were transferred to a SONAR digital audio workstation and all subsequent tracking and mixing was done inside SONAR. The song Love Cloud Nine was the first song to be done 100% inside the SONAR recording environment. ABOUT THE SONGS: INTRO - this brief narrative sets the tone and message for the first few songs on the CD. WORLD OF INSANITY - looks at the direction our society is heading in terms of overpopulation, urban sprawl, political corruption, pollution, diminishing natural resources, weakening morals, obsession with consumerism, economic and financial manipulation, and more ... HOLY WARS - comments on mankind's long history of perpetuating hatred and violence over beliefs instead of logical facts and reality. The song also voices a warning that failing to learn from our past to change our ways may in fact lead us down the road to our own destruction. There is also the caution expressed not to ignore the early signs of global unrest that are brewing, fueled by both religious fanaticism and the problems of our modern society. LOVE CLOUD NINE - after the heavy message of the prior two songs, this playfully nasty tune is a homage to Jimi Hendrix and a tribute to beautiful and sexy women all around the world. COLD FIRE - we all know at least one or two guys who have met the wrong woman in life and traveled down a rough road. THE DEAD DON'T SLEEP - examines the continued relationship between the dead and the living. Especially in this new era of technology and media, those that have died are in some ways always with us. Videos, audio recordings, thousands of photographs that are easily emailed and shared, and of course our own personal memories keep the departed "closer" to us today than ever before. CREDITS: Music written and performed by Michael Spitzer Lyrics and vocal melodies by Aeriel Stiles Vocals performed by Rob "Rahbil" Hill * Drums on Love Cloud Nine played by Frank Basile Recorded and Mixed at RawSound Studios - Florida Mastered at The SoundLab - New Jersey CDs Manufactured by DiscMakers - New Jersey Cover Art by Rich DiSilvio @ Digital Vista - New York EQUIPMENT LIST: Fender Stratocaster electric guitars & Precision basses (assorted and modified) Marshall JMP "Metalface" 50 watt Amplifiers (early 70's vintage era) Laney GH50L Amplifier DOD & Analog Man effects pedals Roland GR30/GR33 Guitar Synths Yamaha RY30 and Pearl Drums SONAR Producer Digital Audio Workstation M-Audio Delta 1010 PCI Digital Audio Interface Allen Heath MixWizard 20:8:2 Mixer Focusrite ISA 110 Mono Microphone Preamp & EQ Lexicon PCM91 Reverb Summit Audio TLA-100A Tube Leveler dbx 1066 Compressor SansAmp Bass Driver DI Tascam TSR8 Multitrack Analog Tape Recorder (now retired) SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: My wife Glenna, family and friends for their input and comments on these songs in their development stages. Aeriel Stiles of Songwriter Demo Services in Nashville for the great lyrics. Rob (Rahbil) Hill for his powerful vocal performance. Frank Basile of Live Studio Drums for his funky beats on "Love Cloud Nine" Rich DiSilvio of Digital Vista in New York for the cool cover artwork. EMAIL CONTACT: STOP THE LOUDNESS WARS: The introduction of digital recording technology has also brought some bad engineering practices that are detrimental to the sound quality of music. When CDs get played on a jukebox, the louder songs often seem more exciting. This phenomenon has motivated sound engineers and mastering facilities to start using more compression and brick wall limiters to make songs louder. The way this works is by removing the natural dynamics of the music and bringing everything up to a higher average volume level. In modest amounts this is a useful tool that can add smoothness and punch to music and make it easier to hear in an unquiet listening environment such as an automobile. But like any tool that can be misused or abused, the constant obsession to be louder than everybody else has brought the industry to a point in time where many CDs have no dynamics remaining and the music has been squashed to a loud but flat and lifeless wall of noise. Have you ever placed a modern CD into a player and noticed the meters never move? Once the song begins, the meters peg at the highest level of 0.00 and barely flicker until the song is finished. In the worst cases of loudness maximization abuse, you may hear side effects such as pops, clicks, a harsh edge to the sound, and even a constant "Hiiiiissssssshhhhhhh" noise that washes constantly over the music. Yes, the CD may be loud, but the sound quality is digitally distorted, harsh, edgy, abrasive and fatiguing to listen to for very long at any listening level. For this reason, many commercial recordings of today may play louder at a given setting of your stereo's volume knob, but many people claim they do not sound as musical or pleasing as classic rock recordings from the 60s, 70s, 80s and even early 90s. For example a classic CD from the past may have to be played with your stereo's volume knob on 5 to seem as loud as a modern CD played with the volume on 2. But once adjusted to the same listening volume, the older classic CD will usually sound fuller, harmonically richer and simply better. This CD had been mastered with an average volume level of -14 db RMS. The loudest sections of each song peak at around -10 db RMS. This volume level maintains the natural dynamics of the original musician's performance and gives the music a more "LIVE" feel. Like many classic rock recordings from the past, this CD may not sound as loud as some modern hyper-compressed commercial releases at a given volume setting. Simply turn your stereo's volume knob up a few clicks to your desired listening level and you should be able to notice and appreciate the sound quality of a recording that maintains the natural dynamics of the performance and is not hyper-compressed simply for the sake of being as loud as possible. As mentioned above, the songs should have an almost "LIVE" performance sound and feel. To learn more about this problem of abusing modern day recording and mastering technology, Google "Loudness Wars" on the internet. Thank You Michael Spitzer.


Künstler: Maalstroom
Titel: World of Insanity
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 10.01.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501647861