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Bootleggin the Blues

Bootleggin the Blues

  • Von Leo Hull
  • Version 12.06.2012
  • Musikgenre Blues
  • Medienformat CD
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Leo Hull and The Texas Blues Machine have hit a home run with this CD. Outstanding honky tonk piano, great guitar licks and mesmerizing lyrics. Every song is a winner! If you like Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughn, you will love this CD. 1. Bootleggin' The Blues - Great lyrics, blues-rock guitar and honky tonk piano. "I grew up in a juke joint, stayed up all night long, playin all those old Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters songs. Wonderin' why those boys been gone so long and we're still bootleggin' their blues." This song is very well constructed and I guarantee you will play it over and over and over. The keyboard work is simply amazing. 2. The Hustle - You know life is short, time's to fast, you better live every day, 'cause it ain't gonna last. This is not one of those "she's only seventeen, you know what I mean" songs. The Hustle tells the story of life from a honky tonk bar room vantage point. Tough with true grit. Good guitar and great sax. Love that late night sax. 3. Road Hard - A great rock song. It's good being on the road, working hard to be number one. That says it all, live fast, love hard and take what the road has to offer. 4. Blowtorch Baby - She's a red hot mama, on fire all the time. Gonna find a blowtorch baby to cool you down and make you mine. Great song! Interesting lyrics with play on words, great guitar work, and perfect dance beat. Good combination of piano and sax. 5. Whiskey and Women - Whiskey and women that's what it's all about. Yea, bro, that's what it's all about. Great dance tune. Interesting lyrics, great piano. Whiskey and women, bad to the bone. This is a home run song, it has everything. 6. The Road - He's on the road again and missing his woman. This is a good two-step song. Not a Willie Nelson song, but this band is nevertheless paying it's dues searching for the milk and honey just like countless other road bands have done. 7. Pistol #69 - This guy's got a hundred dollars in his pocket and a pistol in his boot. He's working every juke joint from Dallas down to New Orleans and all points in between. You probably know this guy. If you like Jimmy Reed you will love this song. This is a great dance tune. This song is very well put together with honky tonk piano and very interesting lead guitar structure and chord changes. 8. Running Away Again - He admits it may not be all her fault. What??, Her momma was and old flame, now he's on the road running away again. Good beat song with more great piano and sax. 9. Between You and Me - Think very early morning smoky bar room, organ just posed between guitar licks, slow grinding belt polishing blues. "Here I am doing one-nightr's, just trying to get by. Down the road someday somewhere, old Sammy and I are going to play the blues." This is the real deal. Great dance tune. Watch for this band when they come to a venue near you, it's a show you will not want to miss. Reviewed by: Ronnie D's Record Review, Dallas, TX Member: National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJ's.


Künstler: Leo Hull
Titel: Bootleggin the Blues
Genre: Blues
Release-Datum: 12.06.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 663525112728