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Loud & Clear

Loud & Clear

  • Von Kevin Danzig
  • Version 13.12.2011
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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'Loud and Clear brings with it a message of hope and perseverance, clearly sung of in the song 'Never Give Up,' where Danzig reminds the listener that 'In the darkest night, there's a ray of hope, let it shine on you, never give up.' It's a message that continues on through the entirety of the album, and is sure to be an encouragement to fans of Americana and southern rock music'. - Review date: 2/9/12, written by Scott Fryberger of When I woke up from a dream with the title track 'Loud And Clear' playing in my head I quickly grabbed my pen and paper. I asked my wife if she had heard the song I woke up singing and she said no...although it was a bit familiar. At the time I had this dream I had been singing as a cantor at the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Breckenridge, Colorado for a couple of Winters and one Summer season. I felt that I was being given a gift from God. The rest of the song came along with very little if it was writing itself. I decided with the help of my Church to release a 'spiritual' or 'Inspirational' CD of original songs. Some of the songs included on LOUD AND CLEAR are from previous albums...such as 'Something In His Eyes' which was originally called 'Communion' from the 1999 release FREE THE POET. In 2007 I re-recorded this song and re-wrote some of the words to have it included on a CD called 'SHELTER ME' benefiting the homeless community of Orange County, CA. 'Sweet Rain' is also from an earlier CD...WELCOME HOME had it as one of the bonus tracks. The new version was re-written with help from Freda D'Souza and re-recorded after the BP Oil Spill in 2010. The new second verse now talks about that subject. 'Peace To Us All' and 'The Lighthouse' are also from my earlier catalog with THE DANZIG BAND. Both of these songs have been re-written and re-recorded as well. 'Never Give Up' has been re-written and re-recorded too. The original version was released as a 'live' acoustic track on WELCOME HOME, ('Live' at the Kerrville Folk Festival) in 2006. 'The Smile Of My Old Face' was originally included on the CD THINKING OUT LOUD. It was released in 1994 and sold to about 500 people. This re-recorded version of the song replaces the earlier work. 'Whippoorwill' has been recorded before, but never released. 'Cradle Me In Your Palm' has always been one of the favorite songs from what I call my 'arsenal'...I felt that it's recording was long overdue and this forum seemed the perfect place for it. 'Not So Close' and 'From Here (A Soldier's View) were co-written by Freda D'Souza. The titles came from a songwriter's 'GAME' played by the Listen Locals club of San Diego, CA. In this game simply titled 'The Game' a title is given to the group to write their own songs to. About three or four weeks later they gather again to share the songs the wrote. When I performed these songs to the group they both received thunderous applause...Whoops and hoots! 'Fingertips' and 'Loud and Clear' are the newest songs in the collection. The song 'I Get Lifted Up' was written by my old friend Jimmy Gene Salinas who I spent hours singing with back in the 80's...He was one of the first people to turn me on to 'Christian' music and he became a minister himself until his recent death in 2011. I hadn't heard from him or his wife Sophia, (now remarried), in many years so you can imagine my surprise to hear Jimmy had passed away at the same time I was putting together this collection. I asked her if the song was available for me to record and she saw too it. What timing eh? I felt his presence when I was singing the lead vocal. I couldn't stop grinning his grin! The recording of this CD was done with my old friend Mike West behind the mixing consule. He also is credited with producing the album. He has a way of bringing out the best performance from the musicians he works with, myself included...I am so grateful to be working with not only him, but the musicians on this CD. They include: Mike on mandolin, electric guitars, and harmony vocals, Bradford Hoopes on the heavy Hammond Organ and piano, Colin Mahoney on the drums and percussion, Ken E. Keller on the bass guitars, 'fiddelin' Betse Ellis on the violin, and me on the rest. Make sure to check out the FULLY ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET IN THE INSIDE LEFT COVER WITH LYRICS AND PICTURES! I feel very strongly that I was called to make this the success will be interesting to witness. I know that God is riding shotgun on this one..or visa versa. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please 'share his love and spread the message' Thanks be to God!


Künstler: Kevin Danzig
Titel: Loud & Clear
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 13.12.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 700261342863