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Welcome to the Folk Song Cafe

Welcome to the Folk Song Cafe

  • Von Kathy Sherman
  • Version 08.11.2011
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Medienformat CD
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Interesting tidbits about some of our songs: Fine Horsemen In that moment between waking and sleeping the mind can travel to some strange places. Lal Waterson was one of three siblings who formed 'The Watersons', a cornerstone of the English folk music movement in the 1960's and '70's. Space Girl's Song From 1952 this song shares with us a vision of an outer space future from the eyes of the past. SSendu This beautiful song sung in Berber by Nabil Bouali, a native of Algeria and himself Berber, tells of the loneliness and isolation women in that culture can face. Within the song is a Berber lullaby women sing while rocking gourds of cream to and fro to turn into butter. Churn, churn and give us a white butter. Churn, churn so we can fill our jar. Drip drip of buttermilk. Give us a log of butter we are wishing for. Oh gourd I'm holding in my hand. You know all my secrets. Even though we are familiar with hunger. We try to forget life's unfairness with songs. We came to you to churn. My gourd is good and dry. The buttermilk will be separated and good to drink. With then benediction of our ancestors Giorti Zeibekidon Giorti Zebekidon translates into 'Celebration dance of the Anatolian warriors'. In our family we have a celebration dance that we created when our sons were just toddlers. We called it 'The Schmengy', and the dance itself is every bit as ridiculous as it's name. So next time you have something to celebrate, a favorite team winning an important match or finishing your taxes, put on this song and 'Schmengy'! Welcome to the Folksong Café This is a somewhat tongue in cheek entreaty to Daniel who opens his home every month to the local music-loving community and features wonderful musicians from around the world. The Ballad of Springhill Written in 1958, this disaster was the first major international event to appear in live television broadcasts. Peggy Seeger and husband Ewan McColl were living in France at the time and watched the rescue attempts on television. Of the 174 miners trapped, 100 were rescued. Ma Liberté (My Freedom) My freedom I have long kept you Like a rare pearl My freedom It's you who helped me Shed my anchors To go anywhere To go to the end Of the paths of fortune To dreamily pick A rose of the winds On a moonbeam My freedom To your desires My soul was submissive My freedom I gave you everything The shirt on my back And how I suffered To satisfy Your every demand I changed countries, I lost my friends To win your trust My freedom You were able to disarm All my habits My freedom You who made me love Even solitude You who made me smile When I saw the end Of a beautiful adventure You who protected me When I went to hide To care for my wounds. My freedom Yet I left you A December night I deserted The far-off paths That we wandered together When, unsuspecting, My hands and feet bound, I let myself go And I betrayed you For a prison of love And it's beautiful jail-keeper. And I betrayed you For a prison of love And it's beautiful jail-keeper. One Meat Ball This song is also attributed to George Martin Lane (1823-1897) who originally wrote it as "The Lone Fish Ball". Hy Zaret and Lou Singer, Tin Pan Alley composers, made it into the bluesy rendition we recorded. The Pie Song (Baby Don't You Cry) I dedicate this song to little Sophie Bess, a sweet and happy toddler who will eat many delicious pies in her life! After the Ball Composed in 1891, "After the Ball" became the most successful song of it's time selling over 2 million copies of sheet music in 1892 alone. Songs of love and loss never go out of style.


Künstler: Kathy Sherman
Titel: Welcome to the Folk Song Cafe
Genre: Folk
Release-Datum: 08.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501610483