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Sandpaper Project

Sandpaper Project

  • Von Joy Miller
  • Version 16.11.2010
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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So. . . You might be wondering why I chose to call this EP The Sandpaper Project. Good question; it does seem to be a title that would lend itself more to Habitat for Humanity than to a record album. Well, here it is. In all honesty, it started out as a joke. When I revealed to my church family that I was undertaking this thing, I told them that I was affectionately nicknaming it "The Sandpaper Project," because what I had so far was really rough. All right, all right, it was a BAD joke, I know. . . But the name stuck, even though I had intended to call it something completely different. And as the project grew-from the original five songs I laid as scratch, to the eight that are on the finished EP-the name just FIT. It became a metaphor for God's healing, refining power in our lives. After all, we all are rough around the edges. We all have experienced brokenness; some so deep that we have never spoken the words aloud. Sin and hurt leave calluses, which we try to hide behind. The Sandpaper Project simply acknowledges our need to allow God to get way too close for comfort, and to be astounded by what He does for us when we let Him. That's all. If you're interested, here's the low-down on each of the album's tracks: 'Refined' A Celtic-style chant that acknowledges our need to let The Carpenter come in and begin the healing process by removing the things that are in the way. And that that can hurt. But it's worth it. 'The Cost of Hiding' Blues/funk-tinged slow rock tune that addresses the dangers of not dealing properly with past hurt, and the victory that can come when we do. 'Heal Me' Wailing ballad. A cry from a heart desperate to be freed from the chains of abuse and shame. 'Mary' Organ and guitar-driven alternative. A first-person account of the woman who wept at Christ's feet seeking grace-and finding it. 'From Behind the Stone' Piano-driven, vibrant praise about Christ's Victory, and the victory we have through His resurrection. 'Baptized' Swinging gospel. The name says it. 'What the Lord Has Done' A joyful praise tune that reminds us we are blessed to be a blessing to those in need. 'First Love' Hidden track and mushy love song. But not what you'd expect from a mushy love song. So no retching.


Künstler: Joy Miller
Titel: Sandpaper Project
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 16.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501349093
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