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  • Von Jonathan Urie
  • Version 23.11.2010
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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TWILIGHT In the quiet the close of day...when you are alone with your thoughts........let the beautiful music And gentle words of Twilight settle you down...uplift your spirit....brings you comfort...and give you peace. We pray you will enjoy this peaceful collection time after time "Warm breezes of hope flow like tiny rivers through my hair; For I have been touched by Jesus' love......and now I know that I belong to him." by Jonathan Urie and Ben Jones TWILIGHT is a collection of melodies and songs that were inspired by various persons and events over many years along the pathway of life. Here is a brief insight into some of these special people and moments. INSPIRATIONS Nearly half a lifetime ago Valerie Dunn...a close friend and follower of Jesus..wrote a play called Noogenesis. I aspired to write music to her many meaningful poems in the script. Presentations of the finished product were favourably received. Over time the essence of it's meaning and the semi-sweet melodies still impact my thoughts. • True Personhood • Through Childhood's Eyes • Song Of Peace Several years ago, a friend introduced me to Anna. He declared that she was the closest I would ever get to an angel while on earth. Over time I came to realize that. As a follower of Jesus she has shown me kindness and encouragement and has willingly supported the Moments of Music and Inspiration radio ministry. The beautiful melody Anna's Theme captures her spirit of celebration in everyday life. • Anna's Theme About 5 years ago I was inspired deeply by a poem received from DaySpring Cards around Easter. The poem had been written by Roy Lessin. It spoke to my heart and I sought permission to write music to the words. That venture led to a myriad of wonderful blessings. Roy Lessin, writer of many uplifting Christ centered devotionals and greeting cards and I have collaborated on radio programs and beautiful songs over the past few years and in the process have become friends. • Your Love Jesus, O' Your Love Several years ago an acquaintance asked me for shelter from the storms of life... opportunity to escape the stress-filled scene of peer pressure and temptation. I said YES! Over several months...with the pressures relieved, the temptations limited and a new direction and strength emerging...the time to move on arrived BUT before that departure took place.....a note was scribbled and left behind for me to see. I tenderly placed that note in a safe a book that I treasure...and left it there for 8 years. I came upon the note in 2010 and it had more meaning and a greater clarity than ever before. A melody was born and with the addition of lyrics a song of HOPE emerged. The words written by my "friend Ben Jones" were; "Warm breezes of HOPE.... flow like tiny rivers through my hair"....... • The Touch of the Master (Warm Breezes of Hope) Often, my sister Elizabeth and I attend a beautiful small church in the city And there...we find strength and peace- filled moments..... overflowing with God's presence. A minister of God's word that we met there....a gentleman with a deep rich singing voice and one who offers up prayers from the heart....wrote a poem and gave it to me to consider for a song. ONE verse touched me deeply. "O Spirit of Love and Light You mean the world to me You have opened up my life And made my eyes to see." The melody and the words bring tears of joy to my eyes every time I play it. Thank God for this wonderful expression of JOY from Rev. Edmund Barrow. • Spirit of Love and Light The awesome photography of JANINE RUSSELL left me breathless the very first time I came across her work We have collaborated on the CD cover art for the lovely Helen Steiner Rice MMI productions of Expressions of Comfort and Joy and also Expressions of Hope and Love. Now...her image PUGET SOUND SUNSET has grace the CD cover of TWILIGHT. Beautiful photos that touch the heart as we see the Touch of the Master in all creation through the eyes of a follower of Jesus SPECIAL NOTES OF GRATITUDE ALBERT MACDONALD EDI PRODUCTIONS Toronto, Canada Albert encouraged me to bring forth a personal CD a few years ago. After many years of music it was the 1st. That CD Reflections of Light went on to a Covenant Award Nomination as Inspirational Album of the Year from the Gospel Music Association CANADA in 2007. Together we have created the CD's Reflections of Light, Spiritual Abundance and Twilight. IAN CHARLES MIRACLE GRAPHICS, Toronto, Canada A special note of gratitude to my excellent graphics -Toronto. We have worked together on several CD's and it I am always grateful that I have Spirit-Inspired person like IAN to work with. The ongoing support and encouragement by friends from many countries and family, especially from my sister Elizabeth who is always faithful and strong plus Jim, Shawn, Michelle & George and of course my friend Anna .... always helps me, in so many ways, to continue in following in The Master's Footsteps, while reaching out to others with words of comfort and uplifting music. Thank you. Jonathan Urie.


Künstler: Jonathan Urie
Titel: Twilight
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 23.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502865592
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