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Somewhere to Go

Somewhere to Go

  • Von Johnny Lingo
  • Version 07.09.2010
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Artist Information Biography 'Johnny Lingo Band showcases a completely unique sound' What do you get when you cross a keyboard, a drum set, and some powerful vocals? Well, the unique sounds of The Johnny Lingo Band, of course! Hailing from Providence, R.I., The Johnny Lingo Band is the newly-lauched project of Johnny Lingo, who exploded onto the music scene in 2004 after winning 95.5 WBRU's Rock Hunt competition with his previous band, The Lingo. Already, this band has been making waves in the music pool. In 2009 Johnny Lingo was named 'Best Male Vocalist of the Year' by the Providence Phoenix and appeared on the front cover. Reminiscent of early Billy Joel and channeling the lyrical vibes of Dashboard Confessional, The Johnny Lingo Band boasts a style that is completely it's own. Lingo and Leonard succeed in blending two distinctive sounds into a harmonious whole. 'I think they have such an amazing dynamic can really hear every note' says Elizabeth Hughes '12 (Wheaton College) Simply watching Lingo's fingers move across the keyboard with lightning speed was mesmerizing and entertainment enough to last the whole night. 'The guy at the piano is a monster...he's killing it out there,' says Kachi Udeoji '12 (Wheaton College) However, this duo refuses to rely on the power of the music and pushes each performance with an energy that challenges each listener to get up and dance. The Johnny Lingo Band reminds you about the raw power that music can harness. Every song - from the keyboard introductions to the underlying drum rolls behind chords - possesses a flow that feels completely natural, despite the uncommon pairing of instruments and independently-astounding exploration of vocal capabilities. With a power as dynamic as that of The Johnny Lingo Band, listeners can be sure that the duo is not disappearing anytime soon. The simultaneous simplicity and complexity of their performance demands a response from listeners in a time when worn-out styles and recycled methods have become too common. *Showcased at 2009 NACA MidAtlantic Festival *This act has performed at Providence College, Wheaton College, Mount Saint Mary's U., Cornell U., as well as many venues and clubs throughout New England.


Künstler: Johnny Lingo
Titel: Somewhere to Go
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 07.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501380812
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