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World We Will Be Late Today

World We Will Be Late Today

  • Von John Starr
  • Version 03.08.2010
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 14,66 €


The basis for Country Music being the Sound of America is because the musical sounds and the lyrics reflect the deepest and most sincere oftimes unspoken words of our hearts. The songs of this CD are from moments in lives that would have gone unnoticed and unrecorded, but for God writing the events upon the heart of songwriters who caused the memories to be recorded. Each word is not only a word written, but is an event lived and felt in the deepest secret places of the heart. Our hope is that we have done the work necessary to share those moments with you as you recall events when you look back and say, 'I am glad I made that choce with my family.' The title of this CD, as well as the title song, 'World, We Will Be Late Today,' is based on a true story, as told by Ted G. Walker, Criminal District Attorney, Jasper County, Texas. He writes: 'Of life's inevitable conflicts none is more certain than a father's duty to his work and to the needs of his family. Those two responsibilities met when we boought our grandson, Steven, a new tackle box and a call from the courthouse in reference to a case, which required an appearance in court. The night before the conflict our grandson slept with his grandmother and me. At about 4:30 a.m., I awoke to prepare to go to court. I eased out of the bed. It wasn't long before he missed me. I heard him open the bedroom door and pick up his new tackle box. He dropped it and spilled his fishing lures. He brought it and set it by my chair and pulled out an artificial bait and asked me what I thought about it. I told him it was a good bait. The very next question was, 'Will you take me fishing?' Thus the conflict of conflicts was born. I had a clue that he was going to ask me, so I had prepared a statement. As I began the statement I said, 'Today' (intending to say 'is not a good day'), but instead I said, 'will be a perfect day for fishing!' We called the court and rearranged the hearing and thus was born, WORLD, WE WILL BE LATE TODAY' Produced by Harrison Tyner, engineered by 8-time Grammy winner Tom Pick, and arranged by the legendary Harold Bradley, this touching CD is now available for the first time online. You can learn more about John Dennis Smith (a/k/a John Starr) in the 'Gallery' section of While visiting the website, check out the 'Catalog' section for other Adonda products.


Künstler: John Starr
Titel: World We Will Be Late Today
Genre: Country
Release-Datum: 03.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 611987020327
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