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Streets of Your Heart

Streets of Your Heart

  • Von Joe Yazbeck
  • Version 26.10.2010
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Medienformat CD
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Joe Yazbeck is a vocal performer who combines the tradition and artistry of the best singers with a style that is his alone. When you hear him, terms like old school meets new school may come to mind but then you realize he's his own school. His powerful and expansive vocal techniques are never just for show because they serve his higher purpose of expressing the core or essence of every song he sings. That's a true artist. Norman Thalheimer, jazz pianist and Broadway composer, is a pure Pisces from head to fin. Swimming backwards and forwards at the same time in a vast musical sea, he hears beyond the shoreline to the siren call of an unknown future, while revering the musical giants that have come before him. His songs are on the edge of sounding strangely familiar yet they are utterly original and derived from his own creative sources. 'Joe Yazbeck sings the beautiful songs of Norman Thalheimer with grace and style and the arrangements really swing! It's a suite of musical journeys that can't help but sweep you away.' -DAVID POMERANZ Multi-platinum award winning Songwriter and Recording Artist 'Joe Yazbeck's an out and out crooner. There's a warmth and a sincerity that tells you that this is a man who loves what he's doing. He's hand picked a medley of songs that already sound like classics and delivers them with a voice they so richly deserve.' -TONY MICHAELIDES, Former promoter and publicist to U2, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, The Police, Whitney Houston 'This guy (Norman) can craft a timeless tune like Frank Loyd Wright could design a house. With original, innovative lines, superior foundations and soaring musical structures, there's not a singer alive who wouldn't want to live in a Norman Thalheimer song.' STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Composer/lyricist Norman Thalheimer's songs touch the soul to it's deepest depth and brought tears to my eyes. And the way Joe Yazbeck sang them will sometimes tear at your heart and other times compel you to jump up and dance. CORNELL CHRISTIANSON Award-winning musical theatre book-writer 'Wow, so this is where the great tunes are; great melodies with just the perfect vocal accompaniment, the kind of stuff that brings a flood of memories the way songs were meant to be sung' JEFF ARTHUR, Music Producer, Jeff Arthur Productions.


Künstler: Joe Yazbeck
Titel: Streets of Your Heart
Genre: Jazz
Release-Datum: 26.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501408455