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Outer Minds

Outer Minds

  • Von Ledet Jill
  • Version 29.11.2011
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Medienformat CD
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This album which is my 4th one was started a little over a year ago, and I've added lyrics to 3 of the songs. The album starts out with 'Xibru', a short solo piano piece. I named it that because not like the second Sun that is coming, but another planet out there somewhere, it was told to me very clearly. The second song 'Walking The Tightrope' is about an experience of going out after a toss and turn of whether I should go out or not, and meeting someone who seemed unusual to me, in the midst of strangers who was appreciative of my energy, and knowing that it wouldn't turn into anything, after many disappointments I stick to my path but am greatful for the night we spent together. 'Sand and Water' is a song that originated out of a dream, when I was in a very low point in my life, and the cycle of life that continues, I saw a baby which is significant of a rebirth, and also a bit of prophesy in this one, which I was fearing that a future grandchild would never be seen because of differences...... was shown the other side, which I wanted to go, but it wasn't my time to go yet, don't know how San Jose got in there, but I remember it clearly. 'Gothic Night', the instrumental version of Sand and Water was composed originally to be submitted for a film, eery and haunting, but I ended up using it for this album, and later wrote the lyrics to it. 'Do You Have to Wonder' was written for people who have known deep sorrow and pain, but are able to see that there is peace and light after the wreckage after the higher self captures the wounded spirit within and becomes beautiful. 'What Can You Do' is about surrendering to spirit and rising above and letting karma happen after the situation seems utterly impossible and you can see it, but are powerless except to keep doing your thing, the water running in the background is significant of releasing. 'Timeflight' is about a trip taken out of this world to do work that was needed to save something or other, maybe the Sun, and the return back to this time with the help of the protective ones. 'Variation in D' is a composition in D major which is light, joyful, and airy and is needed after such depth of the album to bring the listener back a little bit to their self, easy to listen to and insert any array of pleasant images to the song. It would be interesting to see what you saw. 'The Myth' is a rich solo piano piece that has a bit of reverb to it conveying that things are not always as they appear perhaps has a bit of 'antique' to the song making it sound a bit of 'past'. Finally, 'Outer Minds' is a short solo piano piece played with some electric guitar by a friend JP, we were experimenting with some improvisation I think it came out ok, it is recorded live, so there may be a little background noise to it. The name Outer Minds came about by the picture of the front cover of the album which I took walking along the river here in Eugene in the late afternoon, I got the sun just right, it was late summer. It seemed to fit the album. I hope you enjoy the album, you will like it the more you listen to it.


Künstler: Ledet Jill
Titel: Outer Minds
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 29.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885007247104