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  • Von Jill Detroit
  • Version 19.10.2010
  • Musikgenre Easy Listening
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 16,36 €


This is the third in a planned six volume set of albums from Jill Detroit, a prolific writer/performer whose compositions span diverse musical genres. Together, Jill and producer/arranger/musician/engineer Bill Bentley, have crafted an album that blends pop, folk, blues, country, bluegrass, and new age in a seamless flow of musical gems that will intrigue and delight listeners. Bill's virtuoso-level performances and arrangements demonstrate his deep respect for the songs as well as his instrumental proficiency while Jill's blend of lyric and melody, delivered in her unassailable style, reinforces her reputation as a unique, gifted singer-songwriter. Bill masterfully produces and arranges the album's haunting title cut, "The Sea," to evoke the ocean's relentless ebb and tide while highlighting Jill's remarkable vocal performance. Other songs on the album that pay homage to Jill's love of the ocean include "Seventeen Summers" and "The Other Side." "Seventeen Summers," the sole song on the album co-written by Jill and Bill, expresses the surprise and wonder that comes from a relationship that endures and continues to grow after "17 years" while "The Other Side," blends harsh reality with optimism as patterns emerge from a review of life experiences. This hypnotic track gives way to "Little Rosie," a bluegrass-tinged homage to Jill's daughter, Rosie, who was three years old when the song emerged. Just when you think you've experienced a full diversity of musical genres, "You Don't See" appears, with it's bluesy feel and heartfelt lead vocal supported by ear-catching background vocals sung by Jill's daughter, Emily Goeke, and son, Sean Phillips. Jill pays homage to Emily's unflinching spirit in the song, "All For Emily," a fun accordion-tinged tune that chronicles events in Emily's young life and reinforces a mother's enduring support. The lament and angst of "Languishing," which features performances by Pat Schrein and Bill McKinney, who produced the original version of the song, evolves into the pop-tinged parent-to-child coming-of-age warning "Welcome to the Real World." "I Gave My All" chronicles a re-affirmation of love that comes from a decision to focus on the positive benefits of a relationship rather than the insignificant daily insults that occur from inattention to the big picture. The album opens with "I Just Met A Man," full of double entendres and uplifting musical and vocal performances. The album's closing song, "The Sea," with it's deep psychological and introspective lyrics, provides a fitting postscript to this work of art and will leave the listener longing for more songs from this inspired musical partnership.


Künstler: Jill Detroit
Titel: Sea
Genre: Easy Listening
Release-Datum: 19.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501410953
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