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Lesser Ritual of Banishment

Lesser Ritual of Banishment

  • Von J.C. Mendizabal
  • Version 09.11.2010
  • Musikgenre Electronic
  • Medienformat CD
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The Lesser Ritual of Banishment, also known as the Lesser Pentagram Ritual, is one of the basic tools of the modern magician. It can be used as a daily practice, as a cleansing ritual, as the starting point for a more involved invocation or as a special invocation of it's own. This CD was created following very rigurous traspositions of magical symbolism and numerology into musical arrangements and pure sound design. Each aspect of the ritual is represented in the sounds and music that you hear. The spoken and sung words are performed by Ricardo Flores, a very experienced magician, who brings the ritual and the vibrations to shining life. The CD can be used as pure ambient material to send you quietly into a magical space. You can also be guided by it as you perform the ritual yourself. Here is the specific text that we have used: 3 / 5 / 3 Ateh-Unto Thee Aiwass-(the name of the GA) Malkuth-The Kingdom Be-Geburah-The Power Be-Gedulah-The Glory Le-Olam-For ever and ever Amen-So be it. OM First Pentagram - YHVH Second Pentagram - ADNI Third Pentagram - AHIH Fourth Pentagram - AGLA Before me, Raphael Behind me, Gabriel On my right hand, Michael On my left hand, Auriel For about me flames the Pentagram And in the column stands the six-rayed star. Ateh-Unto Thee Aiwass-(the name of the GA) Malkuth-The Kingdom Be-Geburah-The Power Be-Gedulah-The Glory Le-Olam-For ever and ever Amen-So be it. OM 3 / 5 / 3 If you have a lot of experience with Magick, you will find that this CD will open a new space for you to rediscover a sequence that you may know by heart. If you are brand new to Magick or you are simply curious, this CD may show you a glimpse of what true Magick is and what it is for. 'Merely listening to this CD as I fall asleep at naps or at night has opened up my psychic powers and understanding a thousandfold.' from D.G. ------ About JC Mendizabal I come from a country with a long tradition of human warmth and a painful and bloody history: El Salvador. I came to the United States in the early '80s, at the start of the civil war there, and I have lived here in San Francisco since then. I have travelled back to El Salvador many times since then, so I consider myself a kind of synthesis of both cultures. Much like the music that I create my mind is equal parts magic and science, logic and madness! I studied creative writing in college and wrote many short stories. I slowly became dissatisfied with the way that creative writing was taught in college and I changed my major to music, which I studied in SFSU. I graduated in 1993 with a specialty in Music Composition and Electronic Music. The main skill I feel that I learned in school was the careful application of attention to each and every detail of a musical composition. I learned that this attention could be applied to any style of music. Several of my pieces in a 'classical' style were performed by the Symphonic Orchestra of El Salvador and by other smaller chamber groups. In 1994, the University of Santa Clara gave me a comission to create the music for a Multimedia Piece (involving dance and theatre) based on the massacre of El Mozote. This piece was finally performed in 1996. But even before then, around 1992, I started to realize that something was missing from my musical work. I started to experiment with various shamanic and magical traditions, slowly finding my way through this mine field to arrive at the start of what is known as the Path. I began to realize that music could be used as a practical method of travelling to other dimensions or planes, to gently (and sometimes not so gently) push the human machine into awakening and to create spaces of invocation. As I explored more deeply in these regions, I became involved with other people that were also interested in these ancient questions. During several years I devoted myself almost completely to this work. I participated in and directed many shamanic and musical experiments. Some of these have been recorded and may soon be available. Others were as ephemeral as truly beautiful moments have to be. These days I give all my energies to the project that we now know as 'Black Note Music' - through which I hope to truly develop and explore at least some of the infinite panorama of possibilities that I see before me. Together with my current friends, and others that I still haven't met, I hope that we can really find and offer those places where ancient shamanic practices and invocations meet the age of synthesizers and electronica. 'I started playing music more than 15 years ago and I really feel that I have barely started to penetrate into the marvelous mystery that is held within those structured vibrations. I have created pop music, classical music, minimalist music, electronic, blues,experimental, jazz, industrial... almost all genres. I don't feel that the particular genre that is used to classify music should have any importance. What truly matters is what kind of vibration is awakened in those that listen. So my most recent work is dedicated to creating music that will affect the listeners in subtle but profound ways. Music operates at a pre-linguistic level. The parts of the brain which listen to notes, to rhythms, are not intrinsically connected or dependent on language. This makes these areas of the brain more innocent, more open to the greatest questions that we can make, they are more ready and willing to embark on journeys with no return. I wish that my music may be the starting point and a faithful companion in such journeys.'


Künstler: J.C. Mendizabal
Titel: Lesser Ritual of Banishment
Genre: Electronic
Release-Datum: 09.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502878813
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