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Don't Wait

Don't Wait

  • Von Jackson Lawson
  • Version 22.11.2011
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Medienformat CD
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I started this project in spring of 2010 with four songs intended as a Christmas gift for my older daughter. A wonderful friend, Richard Cowles, volunteered not only to record the songs but to create the arrangements and play the music for the four-song gift. I've been playing music with Richard for decades beginning in the 60's with our high school band, The Immortals. LIttle did we know that the Immortals would try to live up to their name, still collaborating so many years later. I knew the quality of Richard's musicianship so I jumped at the chance to record this mini-project with him. As expected, his performances on guitar(s), bass, drums, and keyboards were exceptional. Just as delightful was that the recording itself was many, many times better than I'd even hoped. I suppose that my compliments hit home because Richard made the mistake of saying he'd be glad to do more recording work with me and the idea of the "Don't Wait" project was born. Given the initial topic of those first four songs, it seemed appropriate to continue the theme by expanding it into a concept CD. By the time final song decisions had to be made, the project, at it's base level, had become semi-biographical... not so much WHAT happened but certainly LIKE what happened. At the same time, the CD is a celebration of the four women who most impacted my life and to whom the CD is dedicated: my amazing mother, my beautiful wife, and my two wonderful daughters. The title song further elevates the message to become a universal call for each of us to proactively show those around us what they mean to us, to value the gift of love they offer, to treasure it and to show them that we treasure it. Whether it's a parent, a partner, or a child, the message is 'Don't Wait' until later to show them that love, affection, and appreciation - later is too often too late. Each song tells a story and each story is true at it's core. It touches themes we can all identify with - a mother who sacrificed for us, the angst of leaving the safety of home, the pleasure of meeting and loving the woman you'll marry, the joy of children as they grow, change, and reach milestones in their own lives, the sense of our own mortality, and the growing depth wonder if we're lucky enough to wake up one day and realize that the sweet young lover from so long ago is still by our side. I've been amazingly fortunate to have these stories to tell and I hope you can find a little of your own story in them. Musically they cover a lot of territory, too. There are multiple Country styles, both Rock and Gospel flavors, some ballads, and a song rooted in a classic movie from the 1930's. With that kind of variety, describing a single style for the CD was tough... but recording it was more fun than I every imagined it could be. This project was itself a labor of love, growth, and friendship. I'm incredibly lucky to have a talented buddy like Richard Cowles who worked so hard on this project. As I said on the CD, "With special thanks to Richard Cowles, lifelong friend, and spiritual brother whose talent and hard work made this project possible." Most importantly, the CD is dedicated to the loving women who have shown me the purpose of life: MY MOTHER who gave me belief in life's potential MY WIFE who has spent a lifetime lovingly supporting my drive towards it OUR DAUGHTERS who have given us the constant joy of their own possibilities. I hope you enjoy hearing it, finding your own connection with the lyrics, and celebrating the loved ones for whom "Don't Wait" resonates with you as it does me.


Künstler: Jackson Lawson
Titel: Don't Wait
Genre: Country
Release-Datum: 22.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501625210