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Constant That Remains

Constant That Remains

  • Von Jack Jeffery
  • Version 10.01.2012
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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In this follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 'Passage to Agadir,' Jack Jeffery's 'The Constant That Remains' blends progressive rock, alternative, psychedelic, and even classical influences into musical soundscapes transporting the listener on a compelling musical journey. Throughout the album, you'll find influences of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Brian Eno, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, John Lennon, Jefferson Airplane, and Peter Gabriel. *************************************************************************************************************************** Reviews for The Constant That Remains "[A] terrific and well executed second effort from Jack Jeffery, who has once again gone above and beyond and delivered to us musical sounds that offer us an escape and gives us an opportunity to break away for awhile and experience what's outside the musical boundaries." - MusicBoxPete Blog "Jeffery has mastered the art of creating music that is deeply melancholy and yet somehow enlightening at the same time. This is something that not any artist can do and it is something that cannot be taught. It has to come from the heart and soul. . . . Jeffery's musicianship is excellent, his lyrics are full of emotion and intelligence, and this album is a work of art that comes from the heart." - Rhonda Readence "Constant's tinge of mellow electronics keep it in the here and now, though Jeffery makes no bones about tipping his hat to Floyd, The Beatles, Alan Parsons... he injects them into his own tunes, pulling that constant along and through." - mr. Atavist (WRIR 97.3 FM, Richmond, VA) "There is a newness which brings the music forward 40 years and strikes a chord in the second decade of the 21st Century. . . . [A]s the music extends so the rich flavour of the compositions matures and the extended play nestles sweetly in the head, engrossing and sweeping the mind to a space of relaxation." - Indie Bands Blog "[I]t's a hushed, intimate recording, an album to listen to in the late evening quietude, without anything to distract from it. Once you start you'll find that the closeness is increased by the pastoral pace of the songs, the gentle voice, and lyrics . . . ." - Leicester Bangs Blog "My favorite track is The Sirius Wall. This progressive track has an introspective start that sets up a steady groove that mixes a touch of Wall era darkness with Meddle era slide guitar. But the song is framed with electro tone washes. Layered with wire sculpture jangles and retro synths, the effect is wonderfully trippy." - Jester Jay: Music and other Essential Thoughts "I see this artist as Pink Floyd goes to outer space - in a good way. There are some fantastic pieces on this CD which gives this musical production a very relaxing almost therapeutic quality to it. The production strokes works extremely very well track for track, and the rest of the pieces make for an impressive collection of music. He clearly has all the Songwriter/Composer qualities needed to gravitate a fan base." - EvO: R Entertainment "I spend so much time searching out the latest and greatest music that it is sometimes such a relief to hear something great that is new, but steeped in the old and familiar. Such is the music of Jack Jeffery. Album number two from Mr. Jeffery, 'The Constant That Remains', is a fresh blast of new retro. . . . I love the soft, gentle vocals that draw upon all manner of past rock influences. You clearly hear hints of Pink Floyd and The Beatles. . . . Ascendancy is one of my favorite songs on the album. I am all over that driving beat and the slow build up. Electronic heaven." - I Sing in the Kitchen Blog "If you dig your progressive rock on the lighter or quieter side, filled with lush ambience and sometimes unusual guitar work, Jack Jeffery's The Constant That Remains is bound to please you." - Dangerdog Music Reviews "It's a nice easy flowing record that delivers solid songwriting with a nice ambient ambience that just flows across your ears." - Skope Magazine "From start to finish this CD from Jack Jeffery presents a type of evil genius flair and mystique. Almost like a modern day David Gilmour, Beck, Pink Floyd, Moby and Kraftwerk. It has an Ambient or even Alternative Rock quality to it but should not to be underestimated or easily pinned down. It dabbles in what I would call psychedelic space ambience with a techno or Electronica flair. Trust me when I say this artist goes a bit deeper than the next independent artist out there. . . . He is clearly from another planet and is a force to be reckoned with. The overall vibe of the production is very unpredictable, very original and highly entertaining." - Michael Morrison, Music Emissions "A rock solid release. . . . [T]he most amazing thing about this CD is the composition genius of Jack Jeffery. He's clearly a premier talent. Fans of all things trippy and ambient will love this CD no doubt." - "Listening to this entertaining sophomore effort from Jack Jeffery . . . reminded me a lot of early Pink Floyd. Plenty of electronica folk-rock with Jeffery adding just the right flavor of psychedelic ear-candy. Each song seems to smoothly travel to edges of various orbits . . . but never strays too far away from home base. This allows the listener to relax and let the mind float downstream . . . knowing they're in good hands." - The College Crowd Digs Me Blog "I found the tracks to have excellent blending and production. . . . Soft easy listening music, very soothing, a total listening pleasure. I would recommend 'The Constant That Remains' to everyone." - Music Reviews By S. Peck "[I]f you want to chill out with highly melodic balladry and spacy soundscapes, The Constant That Remains will provide some pleasant listening." - Mike Korn "[A] fantastic voyage into many things 60's, 70's, and beyond: what we get here are tinges of classic psych, acousto-pop, mild prog, folk, and even some undercurrent strains of classic 70's electro/ambient soundscapism dashed in for good measure, all supporting a workingman's philosophic vibe that oscillates between quiet introspection and a more traditional, Lennon-esque critique of the current state of the state." - Reed Burnam.


Künstler: Jack Jeffery
Titel: Constant That Remains
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 10.01.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767273986