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Inertia: The Musical (Original Soundtrack)

Inertia: The Musical (Original Soundtrack)

  • Von Various Artists
  • Version 29.05.2012
  • Musikgenre Soundtrack
  • Medienformat CD
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Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because of our insatiable appetite for distraction. INERTIA is the force that resists gravity. We commonly perceive gravity as a force which pulls down, but the actual definition states that it is a force which attracts lesser objects towards something greater than themselves. Having clarified these two forces, it should be noted that there are a number of systems in place, whether intentional or unintentional, that hinder our ability to pay attention to the world around us. These distractions manifest in substances (pot, pills, alcohol, mushrooms, etc.), cults, (sports fanaticism, celebritocracy obsession, religion, etc.) and media (pseudo-news, reality T.V., social media, text messaging, etc.).Whether these distractions are intentionally placed in society and amplified by banking cartels/elitists should be left to debate by interested parties. Neither side of the debate can deny the existence of these distractions, nor their grave implications for a democratic society. A democratic society relies on an informed citizenry to function. It is our hope that The People will resist the trend towards willful ignorance that plagues society. It is our hope that The People will wake up from these distractions and become active participants in the democratic system. We must strive to become: 1) Informed Citizens in a Democratic Society 2) Responsible Consumers in a Capitalistic Society 3) Tolerant Believers in a Diverse Society Sapere Aude - Dare To Know SYNOPSIS: After growing tired of the mainstream media's obsession with frivolous distractions and the complacent population that galvanized it, Summer Bries engages in a revolutionary act: she begins to question. Inspired by her inspiration to think, Pill-Poppin' Peter and Anthony the Anarchist join The Movement to liberate the willfully ignorant. Anthony compels the text-a-holic Liberty to pay attention and become an informed citizen, Peter advises the lovable stoner Token to stop buying pot from an exploitative dealer and be a responsible consumer, while Summer encourages the religion fanatic Quina to respect others' differences and be a tolerant believer. The 6 friends abandon their respective distractions and join The Philosopher in his mission to defeat a radically fascist bill (Proposition that has somehow avoided mainstream media coverage. They launch a campaign of resistance in the form of Resolution to end corporate-controlled capitalism and restore reason to the U.S.S.A. When the banking cartels and corporate executives realize that the People's wrath has appropriately turned from Washington to Wall Street, T.H.E.Y. begin to implement subliminal psychological strategies designed to eliminate the Movement's momentum. T.H.E.Y. succeed. THE MUSIC: The music of Inertia makes an effort to explore most of the primary genres of popular music today. As a result, this musical includes pop, rock, reggae, blues, psychedelic, swing, avant-garde/atonal, lounge, hip hop, acoustic, and even a classical aria. KEY SIGNATURES: The key of A major contains 3 sharps (#) in it's key signature. These 3 sharps represent the Holy Trinity (The Father, His earthly children, and the Spirit that unites us all) and thus A Major is the righteous key. Characters that sing in or are modulating towards A Major are moving musically and mentally closer to The Movement. At the polar opposite end of the Circle of Fifths is the key of Eb, which contains 3 flats (b). Interestingly, the interval between A and Eb is a tri-tone, a.k.a. The 'Devil's Interval'. When characters are compelled by complacency to fall back into their distractions, they modulate towards the key of Eb. Each character has a key that they begin singing in (which may or may not change depending on the motion of the character) that reflects their relationship with The Movement. Each of the primary 7 characters eventually move musically and mentally through the Circle of Fifths to end up together in A Major. Peter's songs, 'Wish I Could Wonder', and also his duet with Token, 'On Responsible Consumerism', are in the key of D major, the right-hand key of A Major. Summer's songs are in the key of Ab major. Although chromatically adjacent to A Major, Ab Major is on the other side of the Circle of Fifths, closest to Eb Major (the key of complacency). Anthony the Anarchist sings in F# minor, the relative minor key of A Major. Although he understands and adheres to the philosophy of The Movement, his bitterness at the failure previous attempts to restore Reason to the U.S.S.A. prevents him from singing in the Righteous Key. Quina sings in G minor, the relative minor of Bb Major, which is also adjacent to Eb. Quina's song, 'Cross is Crooked', is the only song sung by one of the main 7 characters to not end in A Major, but rather in F# minor. Bilderberg sings 'Control Them For Their Own Sake' in Eb Major/c minor. The Teacher, a neutral 3rd-party who tells a musical narrative about how the U.S.S.A. was formed in 'History Lesson', sings in the neutral key of C Major / A minor. C Major/A minor is equidistant from both A and Eb. NUMEROLOGY: The numbers 3, 7 and 12 emerge throughout human history. They make frequent appearances in the musical as well. 3, 7, 12 The Movement Anthem main theme is a 7-bar phrase. It is also in 6/8 time. 6+8+7 = 21 (7 x 3) The first song to address a distraction, which sparks the Question that sets off the Movement, is the 3rd song 'Communication Complication'. Movement Anthem is the 7th song of the musical. The core of the Movement is formed when 3 characters (Summer, Peter, Anthony) come together. At the height of it's power, the Movement has 7 named characters. In the completed show, there are 12 scenes in both the first and second acts. In the completed show, there are 21 songs total (7 x 3). There are 3 RadioFree vs. RadioCorpse scenes in each act. 23 and 666 'Control Them For Their Own Sake' contains numerous 23-count phrases (8+8+7) as well as 6-count phrases which appear in 3's. 'Pop Star' is made up of identical 6-bar phrases. The song is actually made up of 666, as the verse comprises 2 6-bar phrases and the chorus makes up the 3rd 6-bar phrase. 5 Peter is the right-hand man of the Philosopher. His song 'Wish I Could Wonder' is largely in 5/8. Also, the chorus of his duet with Token, 'On Responsible Consumerism', is a 5-bar phrase.


Künstler: Various Artists
Titel: Inertia: The Musical (Original Soundtrack)
Genre: Soundtrack
Release-Datum: 29.05.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501686952